Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - Hollywood Weeks Group Round

Group round always took many victim. This season many early favorite cut from the competition. Beside that, there some group who really gave a stunning performance. The result?? I'm glad because some of my favorite contestant still compete in American Idol Season 10.

Group round is insane and the rules not more easy for this season. One group must filled from contestant in day 1 and contestant in day 2. This rule make some contestant hard to find the group. This condition happen to Scotty McCreery. Scotty really struggle to find the group. He really have a high standard and if he want to join in some group he audition the group first, not only that, Scotty also got audition from Jordan Dorsey group and he didn't make it. This situation over until he found a group filled by Clint Jun Gamboa, and Jacee B.

Tiffanny Rios also got a bad bad situation. Any group didn't want her, everybody rejected her. Until she steal one contestant from Brett L group. Although like that, She still can't find the other contestant who want to join her group. So... Tiffany Rios group just only filled by two contestants.

The hard situation also came to Jacee Badeaux. After Scotty join his group, the situation of the group not getting better, but became worse and the group kicked out Jacee Badeaux from the group. That's already midnight and Jacee must find the new group. Luckily Jacee found Breet L group, although Jacee didn't know the song, Jacee must have a group, so... Jacee decided to join that group.

Rob Bolin also got a stressful situation. He join a group who can be predicted and they are Chelsea Oaks and Jacqueline (a girlfriend of Nick Fink). Rob Bolin not happy with the song choices and any decision that two girls made.

Ashley Sullivan give a negative energy to the group because she want to quit from the competition. She already decided that she will out from the competition because she can't handle the pressure of the competition and how hard this competition to be facing. She almost leave, until her boyfriend gave her an encouragement and she back to the competition. Although she makes upset her group, but her group is so kind and still want to accept the comeback of her to the competition.

So how about the performance of Group Round??

First that we can see the group filled by Pia Toscano and Brielle Von Hugel. They sang "Greande" from Bruno Mars. Pia really shine in this group and really took my attention. I gave a high credit to her because this performance. Brielle also gave a good performance, but sometime I feels shaky moment in her performance. Overall that was stunning performance.

Also great performance came from the group filled by fifteen and sixteen contestants and also mentored by their mother. The result?? Unbelievable performance. They brought a song "Somebody To Love" and all judges gave a standing ovation. I also got a goosebumps.

How about Ashley Sullivan group?? although got a bad situation who made by Ashley. The group still can be showed the best they can did in that stage. All judges loves the harmony of this group. I was surprises because this group can nail the group round. Good Job Ashley!!...

How about Scotty fate?? although he almost didn't find the group, but the group of him really give a good performance. Clint Jun can be relief because it's worthy enough by what he did to Jacee, because it a shame if they group give a bad performance and all got cut, if this happen maybe Jacee can laugh and curse this group hahahaha..... ;p

Jacee group also made it to the next round, although Jacee struggle with the song choice. He didn't know the song because he never heard that song "Mercy" from Duffy. Jacee almost forget the all lyrics and he just replace the word made by himslef. Although like that, the judges still keepin' all the contestant in this group to the next round.

What a shit thing did by Jordan Dorsey. Jordan Dorsey left the group because he unhappy with the song choice and the performance of the group. When this group find the other contestant from the different day, Jordan audition every person who want to join their group (WTF???). After he found one person who can answer his expectation and try to practice, Jorday leave the group and join with the group who has Robbie Rosen in there group. The bad thing happen, but the group left by Jordan still through to the next round, every person in that group made it to the next round. Also Jordan new group who has a young bright star Robbie Rosen also made it through, also every people in that group.

The unlucky situation came to many contestant. James Durbin group jealous by a group that brought the mother to the competition and that group has be mentored by the mother and makes his group not practice so excellent, just jealous by that group and in the end the performance not strong as a group, just strong by person. Everybody got cut except James Durbin and Colton. Emma Henry who has a shaky audition got cut, so Jenifer prediction was right she will swallowed by the competition.

Rob Bolin who really stressed by any decision made by his group got eliminated and he must went home immediately. Rob Bolin voice is so tasty, but the situation push him to the limit and make Rob can't perform with maximum ways. Rob like Jacee, almost forgot every single words from the song, if Jacee still sing and replace the lyric made by himslef, Rob didn't do that. Rob looks like don't want to sing and really want end his journey in American Idol, so... I think judges can see that and sent his home like Rob want (in my opinion).

Many contestants perform bad and almost cut from the competition, but the judges still gave them a chance to shine. They are Haley Reinhart, Corey Levoy, John Wayne Schulz,

The other contestant that we knew from early audition who crumbling down in this group round are :

- Emily Anne Reed
- Matt Dillard
- Devyn Rush
- Tiffany Rios


- Paris Tasin

Paris Tasin really impressed the judges especially Miss Lopez in New Orleans audition. That audition was memorable. In 1st round she sang "My Heart Will Go On" who really not stunning enough and impress enough like the song that she sang in audition "Temporary Home". Goes to the group round, she collapse by the song choice. They group pick a song from Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)" and everybody in that group got cut because nobody can handle the song very well. Paris really struggle to sing the song with well and the character vocal of Paris totally not suit for song like from Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)".

Bye bye Paris Tassin.... See you next year (Maybe...)

That's all my recap for Group Round... see ya!!....

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