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American Idol Season 10 TOP 11 (Motown Week) Review

American Idol Season 10

Top 11

Motown Week

Casey Abrams - I Heard It To The Grapevine
Casey that wasn’t spectacular performance for me. That just okay performance from me, but what I liked about Casey is that he always make a song feels different and give a flavour of Casey into that song. Casey really know himself as an artist and that was a huge advantage for this competition. Keep still true to yourself, Casey.

Thia Megia – Heatwave
Thia bring something different this week by singing upbeat song. Thia really step up her game this week and really answer the challenge of the judges. Overall that was nice performance from Thia Megia and keep up the good work by bring something different every week and take a risk also challenge herself.

Jacob Lusk – You’re all I need to get by
That wasn’t a best version that I ever heard, but that was fun and cool performance. The pitch is so perfect and the way you sang that song is great. Also Jacob make this song his own version. Great performance and this is the strongest performance of the night. Jacob is very consistent and he headed to win this competition. Jacob is the real contender for Pia, so watch out Pia.

Lauren Alaina – You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Lauren, you have a born natural talent. Lauren is born to sing because everytime Lauren sang , she sang so effortless. Overall that was a good performance because Lauren show great attitude in that stage and I liked it. I really liked her performance especially when she started to sing and goes to the first reff, that was so strong performance. After that, the energy is going down and if that 3 or 5 minutes performance, it will be a boring performance. That was good moments and bad moment too.

Stefano Langone – Hello
Stefano still on the game!! He still bring a great performance, but the challenge of this week is about eye contact and he failed to do that. Agree with all judges, he must raise his connect to the song and to the audience more than this performance, like J.lo said if he can do that, Stefano performance will be so spectacular and lift up his game more high. C’mon Stefano!! I know you can do more than this, I’m believing in you!!

Hayley Reinheart – You've Really Got A Hold On Me
Haley, based on the voice, you’re one of my favorite because she has a great character in the voice who make people know “oh! That’s Haley voice”. Haley have a little bit trouble when down the stairs, but there’s not affect the voice, the voice still in right pitch. Goes to the end, Haley bring a massive great character vocal performance. I think this performance strong like “Fallin” performance, but this performance more strong because can pull out character vocal of Haley. I liked this performance a lot!! One of best performances from Haley and also one of best performances of the night top 11.

Scotty McCreery – For Once In My Life
Wow!! Scotty, you raise your game every week. Scotty took a challenge again this week by changing the song of “For Once In My Life”. That was a nice version of this song and he sang the song very effortless. He closed the performance with nice vocal too, he showed his niche voice in the end of performance. Nice performance Scotty!!

Pia Toscano - All In Love Is Fair
Pia, definitely you’re on the top of this competition and you hard to be beaten. The hard homework for Pia is to keep a great performance every week and bring something different and fresh every week. If she do that, the title of American Idol Season 10 will in her hand. Take the challenge from Randy, pick an upbeat song and really fast tempo, let America know that Pia can handle the fast upbeat tempo song. Another one thing, also make your performance more current, Pia!! It will make you more commercil!!...

Paul McDonald – Track of My Tears
Paul is nice to see you perform by a guitar, that more nice to see than see you dance and make an awkward movement in that stage.This performance is my favorite performance from Paul so far in live show competition. I like Paul voice because it’s so unique, but my problem is what type of song can make that voice worth million dollar, honestly I don’t know because until know every performance just okay and nice, but I’m waiting to see Paul perform a spectacular performance, solid performance and on the top performance. If he did this again, again and again… I think his journey will end soon… But nice to see Paul perform by the guitar.

Naima Adedapo - Dancing In The Street
Naima, you sang with a right pitch and that was nice. Again! Naima make me surprise by the dance that she did. Nice performance Naima, not a strong performance of the night, but there’s something to offer to America because you offer something different than the other contestants and that was a smart move and very wise decision!!... Great job, Naima!

James Durbin - Living For The City
James performance wasn’t bad, but that performance wasn’t my favorite too. Every week, James use his scream and it became predictable. Please James use your scream more wisely and please don’t use that every week, it will be boring if you did week by week. I can’t enjoy that performance because everything he did in the stage seems fakes and not a natural movement. He really too show off in this competition and I really hate it and dislike him as a person, please be simple and not too much overacting because I really sick by James personality and style in that stage.

Superstar for Motown Week is.....


Here it is my rank for top 11 performance :
1. Jacob Lusk
2. Pia Toscano
3. Haley Reinheart
4. Stefano Langone
5. Scotty McCreery
6. Thia Megia
7. Naima Adedapo
8. Casey Abrams
9. James Durbin
10. Lauren Alaina
11. Paul McDonald

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