Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol Season 10 : Top 12 Females Performance (Review)

Tatynisa Wilson
There was some a good moment, but there was some a bad moment. For me, that was just okay performance. She’s so fresh and young and that song can bring many advantages for her, but I don’t know why she can’t work it out.

Naima Adedapo
Naima you nail it!!!.... There was a good performance and I like it. You pick a song that suit for you and it work. Good job, Naima!!...

Kendra Chantelle
That was surprising performance. I never expected performance like that coming from her. She blew me away with that performance. Goes to the end, I think she will boring, but I’m wrong. She nails it and that was a good performance from her. I like the ending of her performance so memorable vocal performance. Good job Kendra!!

Rachel Zevita
Wow!! I totally disagree with all judges. I think that was a great performance from Rachel. She showed the attitude, massive of personality and showed her vocal ability. What I should expected more from her?? She answered all my expectation. She really enjoy with the song, really comfortable in that stage, why broadway can be wrong?? Whatever judges said… I still liked Rachel Zevita performance.

Karen Rodriguez
In some moment, I felt her like less power, but from the middle till the end, she pull it out, show the emotion and show her vocal ability, which is that was great. Overall the performance is not solid for me, that was a little bit dislikeable moment, but I can’t deny there was some great moment in there.

Lauren Turner
She took my attention from the beginning, but in the middle I felt disconnect with her performance and the end she took my attention again. I like the first and the end part, but in the middle part I didn’t get it. Overall that was good performance, she showed her personality and her vocal ability.

Ashton Jones
I like her attitude in the stage and I can’t deny that she has a great voice. However… I didn’t feel she sing by his heart and I don’t believe in her that she can deliver the message to the audience. With a song “Love All Over Me” she just sang with great by thinking not by her heart. Overall that was just okay performance, but not really great performance and I don’t believe in her so much. One thing that I love, I love her attitude in the stage.

Julie Zorrella
She picked a nice song. That song so current and make her more current, but overall the performance not work for me. There was a good moment, but the bad moment more much. I love her, but she disappointed me. Sorry Jullie, not a good performance. This song can bring a goosebumps to the audience, but she didn’t. She didn’t sing with really well and there was a lack of emotion, lack of commitment and the message totally can’t be delivered.

Haley Reinheart
Honestly, I didn’t happy to look her made it to the top 24, but now I’m happy that she made it in to top 24. That was a great performance from her. I liked that her performance. That is one of strong performances in this night performance and also one of my favorite performances of the night.

Thia Megia
That was the only superstar performance so far in this tonight performance. That was insane performance!! Thia, you are still my favorite contestant and I still believe in you! Go Thia! Go Thia!!.... She captivated the attention from the beginning and make all audience just focus by her voice. She really connects with the song and gives a hot vocal performance. Very great job, Thia!!

Lauren Alaina
She’s sixteen and she picked a right song choice that really fit in her age, very current and the most likeable performance of the night. That was so enjoyable, very likeable, I loved it!!... I’m still the fan of you, Lauren!!!.... Agree with Randy, she reminds me to Kelly Clarkson because she got a rock vibe and which is that was cool. Very fun performance by Lauren and the most likeable performance and very current performance of thenight!! Well done, Lauren.

Pia Toscano
That was another superstar performance of the night. That was superb performance from Pia!!. She really deserved to get a standing ovation from all the judges because I will do the same thing if I one of the judges. She closed the show with very spectacular and so memorable performance. Superb performance!!...
Overall top 12 ladies are more awesome than top 12 guys. Honestly hard to choose a great five contestant just based on this night performance. A strong contestant like Julie crumbling down to the bottom of the group and the underdog contestant (in my opinion) really shine. However… just one of my favorite who makes me disappointed and that is Jullie Zorilla, the other three still make me proud and they are Thia Megia, Lauren Alaina and Pia Toscano. Here’s the ranking of top 12 girls :

1. Pia Toscano
2. Thia Megia
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Haley Reinhart
5. Rachel Zevita
6. Kendra Chantelle
7. Naima Adedapo
8. Karen Rodriguez
9. Lauren Turner
10. Ashton Jones
11. Tatynisa Wilson
12. Julie Zorrilla

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