Saturday, March 26, 2011

Result Show Top 11, Shocking Result!!! & The Victim Saved

American Idol Season 10

Result Show Top 11

Shocking Result!! & The Victim Saved

Casey Abrams is the Lowest Number of Vote, but He Saved by the Judges

The result show of top 11 is so much fun and very enjoyable to watch, but also in the end.. the result is shocking!!! Casey Abrams out from the competition?? hell no!! because it's too fast for him to leave this competition. The judges knows what to do, Caset not allowed to sing anymore because the judges already made a decision that the only one save of the season used for Casey Abrams.

The result show opened by the top 11. Top 11 sang a song from this week theme Motown. The surprising moment was Stevie Wonder. After the top 11 finishes their sing, Stevie Wonder pop-up in the center of the stage and sang a song for Steven Tyler who birthday in that day. That was a nice moment to watched to see Stevie Wonder and the top 11 celebrate Mr. Tyler birthday.

Sugarland also hit the stage with their sensational single called "Stuck Like Glue". A little bit weird because why Sugarland?? because the theme is motown, I think American Idol should bring the artist who really related to the theme, but it's okay because Sugarland still can rocks that American Idol stage.

Nice performance came from Jenifer Hudson. Miss. Hudson perform her latest single from her latest album. Do you see the body change?? Jenfifer Hudson more thin than when she got the oscar or as a star in "Dreamgirls". J. Hudson more sexy and hot because everybody can see the curve of her body. Nice attitude from her when she performed. If you like the song don't forget to buy the original album from Jenifer Hudson, okay??

Do you see George Huff when Jenifer Hudson perform?? George Huff became a backing vocal for Jenifer Hudson. Jenifer Hudson just arrive in top 7 and George Huff made it into top 5, but in the real world... 7th place contestant Jenifer Hudson career more bright than 5th place contestant George Huff. Miss. Hudson already got Grammys and Oscar, that was amazing achievement for contestant American Idol.The rank position in American Idol not determine their career in real world. So... every contestant in American Idol especially season 10, must realize that if you got eliminated that's not end of your career, but that is the beginning of your career in the real world. So... fight for your career when the American Idol journey has over. Succeed or not succeed in everybody hands.... so keep your fire burn.. burn and burn season 10!!! because season 10 is rocks!!!..

The result is so surprising. Is that any people who can guess that Casey Abrams will be in the lowest number of vote?? I think there's only very few people can guess that. Casey Abrams is one of the strong contestant in this competition, that's too fast if we must lose him in top 11. Although I knows that him a strong competitor for my favorite, but I want season 10 become one of the best season and season 10 have a hot and tight competition therefore I want Casey Abrams stay a little bit longer. Although I knew if he didn't get the save from the judges, the competition will be so much easier for other contestants in season 10, but this competition will be more interesting if Casey got save by the judges. But I can deny in the bottom of my little heart, I want Casey to going home because make my Thia more easy to made it into top 5 and top 3 and to be the champion hahahaha....

Congratulation for you, Casey!!! because you can still compete in this season.... BUT watch out double elimination wait for next week.... No one save!!! so there's a chance for Casey to going home again, I mean got a lowest number of vote again. Not only for Casey, but for all contestants... watch out for next week because next week is "Do or Die".

No one is save.... Every contestant has a chance to going home and dream to be the next American Idol is over..... Whose journey will end?? two contestant exactly will back to their hometown, who are they?? Watch American Idol Season 10 next week.....

I will pray for Thia, Scotty, Pia, Jacob, and Stefano. I hope their dream still alive and safe from double elimination next week. Also for Haley Reinhart, I will pray for her because I want to see more performance from her. So... pray and finger cross for that six contestants. The rest?? I just can said wish you all the best because if I see the other six go home, It's still okay for me, although I knows the other six contestants also have great talent and potential to be superstar. That's my hope....

See you in review of Top 11 again! - second round....

Bye bye and God Bless You

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