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Top 13 American Idol Season 10

American Idol Season 10

TOP 13

Ashton Jones
Valdosta, GA

Casey Abrams
Wilmette, IL

Haley Reinhart
Wheeling, IL

Jacob Lusk
Compton, CA

James Durbin
Santa Cruz, CA

Karen Rodriguez
New York, NY

Lauren Alaina
Rossville, GA

Naima Adedapo
Milwaukee, WI

Paul McDonald
Huntsville, AL

Pia Toscano
Howard Beach, NY

Scotty McCreery
Garner, NC

Stefano Langone
Kent, WA

Thia Megia
Hayward, CA

Wow!! I love this season so much. This season like season 8 which is I'm falling in love so much. Every single person in top 13 have strength to offer to the people around the world. Whose your favorite?? Confuse?? probably because it's hard to pick one from many great artist in this bunch of American Idol contestants.

My top favorite of this season is THIA MEGIA. I fell in love with her since the audition when she sang "Chasing Pavements" from Adele. I'm so happy to see her move into top 13. I hope Thia can arrive in top three at least, but of course I want to see her to be the next American Idol.

After Thia, my vote goes to Scotty McCreery. He's my favorite since the audition too. The voice is so unique and very different and also he knew what artist he want to be.

This is the full list of contestant who get my vote until the contestant who got my vote very least :
1. Thia Megia

2. Scotty McCreery

3. Pia Toscano

4. Lauren Alaina
5. Jacob Lusk
6. Stefano Langone
7. Haley Reinhart
8. Casey Abrams
9. Ashton Jones
10. Naima Adedapo
11. James Durbin
12. Paul McDonald
13. Karen Rodriguez

*This list definitely can be change with the passing of the competition because I know some contestatns will grow so fast and some contestants will be swallowed by the competition.


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