Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol Season 10 : Top 12 Males Performance (Review)

Clint Jun Gamboa
This wasn’t his best performance because in some moment I felt Clint was disconnected with the song. The end of the part is the strongest part in this performance, he showed his capability with the vocal and that was amazing. For me… there was a great moment and flat moment.

Jovany Baretto
Started with little bit pitchy. When I knew he made it to top 24, I really worried because I think he not so great and my prediction was right. Jovany has performance just okay and less of special moment with that performance. I totally agree with Randy, dislike Jovany performance. I just liked the end of the part because that was beautiful when he can hit the high notes. Not great performance!!! And dislike this performance.

Jordan Dorsey
I have a high expectation for him and he just showed a horrible performance. I can’t enjoy that performance. That was interesting performance, but I didn’t like it. That was too risky. If he can nail it, it will be so memorable performance, but he destroyed his chance because it’s a nightmare.

He started with rough, but when he sang the refrain part it’s getting better and I can enjoy it and get into it. Hhhhmmm… goes to the end, I can’t see the peak moment of his performance, so…. goes to the end of the performance seems flat and a little bit a lack of emotion.

Brett L
What a weird performance by Brett, from beginning till the end, I hard to enjoy it. In the first part, he lack of power and I felt his pitchy at some moment. Go to the second part, the performance much better, but I still difficult to enjoy the performance. A little bit disappointed of him, but at least he show his personality, which is that was good and America can remember him. For me…. I’m not supported him too much again from now.

James Durbin
I just finger cross for him because I don’t wanna see him scream like Adam Lambert again. He’s really similar and a copycat of Adam Lambert in this season. BUT…. When he did the scream, I didn’t feel he like Adam Lambert. Which is that was good performance for him. From the beginning till the middle, the performance a little bit flat and I’m starting worry of his performance, but from the middle till the end… that was stunning performance!!! Great job James!! From now I more believe in you!! Well done!!...

Robbie Rosen
Please don’t screw up Robbie!! And he didn’t. Wow!! That was a beautiful performance. Overall that wasn’t a solid performance because in some moment there was a shaky moment, but from beginning till the end Robbie’s voice took my attention. Robbie’s voice was insanely beautiful and the falsetto so soft, so relaxing, so refreshing and very enjoyable. I think that was a good performance from Robbie and so far from seven performances, Robbie’s performance was one of the strong performances in this night.

Scotty McCreery
I’m proud of him!! I’m proud of him!!! He’s my boy and my favorite and still be my favorite till now!!!..... Again! This performance took my attention from the beginning till the end, which is that was great!!. The performance wasn’t over the top and really spectacular, BUT the whole performance is solid and really nice to enjoy. He really show who he is and he pick the right song choice, he is a country artist and he show it to America and he nail the song with his quirky voice. That was beautiful performance, very enjoy to watch and I like the last part when he hit the high notes, that was pretty!! And beautiful!! One of my favorite performances of the night!!...

he is so easy to likeable and that was he wants to show in his performance with the song from Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”. The performance is very easy to likeable, the song choice is very nice and very current. Wow!! Stefano… you took my attention. That was hot performance and I really enjoy watching his performance. This is one of my favorite performances of the night.

Paul McDonald
I have some expectation for him and he didn’t answer my expectation and because of that he’s a little bit disappointed me. That was a weird performance and very strange act in that big stage. I think he failed to bring the house down and rocks the stage. I love his voice because that was so unique, but the whole performance just flat for me and less of special moment. For me… a little bit forgettable. I hope he can pick a better song choice than that.

Jacob Lust
I think he has the best vocal in this season because the range of his vocal was insane from the very low notes till the high notes he can sang it very very well!! And that was insane. He really has a big chance to win this competition, from now he must figure it out what artist that he wants to be and committed to it!! I believe he can really really well in this competition. If consistent… Big five is in his hands.

Casey Abrams
He has an ugly face, but he has a pretty pretty pretty damned good talent and voice!!!!. He remember me to Taylor Hicks, a weird guy with a nice talent and a nice voice. That was a hot performance to close the show!! Well done Casey!!.....

The last six guys have a more great performance than a six early guys in this night. Started from James Durbin till Casey Abram, the males contestant really rocks the stage!!!.... well done guys!! This season will be so interesting because everybody has a same chance to win this competition. This is my ranking for tonight performance, here it is :
1. Jacob Lust
2. Stefano Langone
3. Scotty McCreery
4. Casey Abrams
5. Robbie Rosen
6. James Durbin
7. Clint Jun Gamboa
8. Tim
9. Paul McDonald
10. Brett L
11. Jovany Baretto
12. Jordan Dorsey

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