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Say Goodbye To Your 11 "Best Of The Rest"

American Idol Season 10

Say Goodbye To Your 11 "Best Of The Rest"

Brett Loewenstern

Brett has a massive of personality and everybody can't deny that. He knows what kinda artist that he want to be, but one thing he must remember, a song competition not only about being yourself, but also to entertain the audience, show your great vocal and give your personality. What Brett miss is to show his great vocal, so make the performance in top 24 not so strong. Keep on going Brett, you have a talent, what you need is only experience.

Clint Jun Gamboa

Clint is one of my favorite since hometown audition. Very unfortunate he didn't make it through to Top 13. There's only 6 place for the guys and it really hard to pick six from top 12 guys. Although based on the vocal I more like him than Paul, but we can deny that Paul has an unique voice that hard to forget. All coming to the last performance and "Superstition" wasn't a perfect song choice for him because of that he didn't make it. Clint please keep pursuing music because you're very talented and you have a great voice. Don't give up buddy!!!..... I'm still believing in you!!...

Jordan Dorsey

Based on the vocal, he is one of the best in this season. Again! bad song choice make his dream to be an American Idol stopped in top 24. Why Jordan pick "OMG"?? that was a hard song to sing and hard to make a different than the original. He totally crash his chance in American Idol. What I must say more?? I just said that Jordan is one of the best voices in this season, so keep going Mr. Dorsey, but no way in this type kinda song, follow Jennifer advice, you will be great.

Jovany Barreto

I'm not happy to see him made it to top 24. I think Jacee B or Colton or Jerome B or Jimmie A more deserve than him, in other word there's many great male contestant in top 40, but why the judges pick him?? more surprise when the judges pick him into wildcard round and you can see that he really beaten by Robbie and Stefano. The judges should pick Clint in wildcard round to make the wildcard round more hot. My advise for him sing latin song because in that zone you are strong because in other type song I can't see him to be great, sorry....

Julie Zorrilla

When the top 24 even not start, I really believe that she will move to the next round and has a big chance to win this competition. The fact her journey stopped in top 24. The problem is wrong song choice. Julie can't kill the "Breakaway" song and make her performance very ordinary. Julie has a whole package, why Julie should give up or stopped pursuing music?? she doesn't have any reason to stop. You are adorable Julie and has a great talent.... I hope you find the other way to succeed in music industry.

Kendra Chantelle

Kendra, I believe you really close to made it. Kendra performance in top 12 girls performance and wildcard performance are stunning. She really showed what she can do by her vocal. I love both performance from Kendra in live show and if you checked the previous performance like in Las Vegas and Hollywood, Kendra's performance also stunning. Kendra lack of commercial, so make her hard to remember as a person, so improve that Kendra because based on the voice many people will recognize your voice that your voice is great.

Lauren Turner

Lauren problem really similar with Kendra. Lauren lack of commercial, although she has a great personality, but her appearance not commercial and not current. I think that's a reason she failed move to the next round. She has a great voice, but she must really explore how to be current and acceptable in this era. If she can explore, I believe she can be great....

Rachel Zevita

She's my girl and always be my girl!!!... I knew that she out from the competition because her performance too broadway. Once again I said, I don't care if she pursuit Broadway because she looks so comfortable in this zone and really chill me and entertain me. So if you want go to Broadway just go ahead, Rachel. My support, vote and love always be with you....

Robbie Rosen

OMG!!! why he didn't make it??? He has the best falseto voice in this season. He is so young and very talented. Robbie journey is too fast to end because if he made it to top 13, he will make the competition more hot and more tight. Although like that, I still believe that he will be have a great career in music industry. He got the talent and just need more experience in this business to be succeed. Don't give up because you're talent so precious. Keep on movin' buddy!!..

Ta-Tynisa Wilson

She is so current, but why she picked a song from Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)" and not give a stellar performance?? that song is right for her, but not a right song for this competition and really hard to be great with that song. She's must make different than the original because that song is so famous and at least she must give some flava' to that song like Rihanna did, but she didn't give that. Ta-Tynisa explore yourself more, what zone that make you so strong. She so current and commercial, that was huge advantage for her. So.. she has a chance to be great in music industry.

Tim Halperin

I don't know him a lot because I just only knew that he great in Las Vegas performance. Based on the vocal, I thought he has a chance to be great, but he must really wise in picking a song. What song really suit for his voice and can give a spectacular performance. Tim has a charming face who camera really love it, from the outside he has a potential to be great in this business and I know he can be great in music industry if he pick a right song choice. He must did like he did in Las Vegas week. Although I'm not sure for his career, but there's a chance for him in music industry.

I love season 10 so much.... many contestants from the best of the rest are great!! and some of them are my favorite and still be my favorite. Season 10 is rocks!!!! in this year, many contestants are great and I hope I can see again the contestants best of the rest in the real world.

See ya....

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