Friday, March 2, 2012

American Idol 11 : First Result Show + Wildcard Round

In Friday, we saw the very first time result show of American Idol Season 11. The result show of course for reveal the finalist and we have top 13 for American Idol season 11. What I want to discuss is the wildcard round.

The wildcard round this season also awesome like last year. Everybody give the best performance that they can give. So... many performance was so amazing.

Six person that choose by the judges are Jen Hirsh, Jeremy Rosado, Brielle Von Hugel, Deandre Brackensick, Erika Van Pelt and Reed Grimm.

Only one of them give a disappointed performance and that is Brielle Von Hugel. Just by a second that I knew she sang Adele song, I knew that her performance wouldn't be great and will turn to be a disaster. The result exactly by what I expect just by a second heard the instrument of Adele song. Brielle pick a bad song choice, to sing "Someone Like You" from Adele in wildcard round is a fool, that song is hard to sing and every person already know how great that song sing by Adele, so Brielle at least must tie the performance by Adele, but she did so far away from Adele performance, pitchy in many spot, the emotion not so deep, so... the end of her performance I can say goodbye Brielle.

For the other contestants, they bring what they can do. Reed Grimm again bring his unique performance, but his performance already cover by Jeremy and Deandre, overall Reed performance not so memorable and not great like Jeremy and Deandre. So after he done singing, I can say goodbye to him too.

Deandre Brackensick pick a great song and the voice really shine in that song, but not only the voice who stand out in that performance, but the connection to the audience also great because many people know the song and not a song that hard to enjoy too and also the song can bring give wow moments in many spot. If he just use the technical of his voice, he will be so hard to win this competition, but if he can use the technique, the emotion and the connection to the audience he will be great.

Jeremy Rosado performance is the best performance in wildcard round. This performance will be the performance that hard to forget because it so wonderful. My heart really touched by Jeremy performance. This performance is the performance that I will remember all the time and after the show is over, I still will remember this performance, amazing performance and I believe this performance will be one of the strongest performances of this season.

Jen Hirsh also give it all in her performance, but unfortunately the moment of Erika more strong than Jen Hirsh. Erika Van Pelt performance is so awesome, she not only gave the voice, but the emotion too. She has a performance that similar to Jeremy Rosado, not only give a great vocal performance, but also use a heart when sing the song. What a really touching performance also from Erika. I can say that Erika performance "Edge of Glory" hard to forget and I will remember this performance for a long time and I believe this performance will be one of the best performances of this season.

Unfortunately great performance by Jen Hirsh not enough to bring her to the next round and her journey must stop in top 25 performances. Reed and Brielle also facing a same destiny like Jen, both of them must going home and must happy to made it this far in this competition. Good luck guys....

Wildcard round is awesome.... like last year, everybody gave everything that they can give in the wildcard round. Every single person sang for their life and the output they gave it all. Hot hot hot round!!! I still can remember last year wildcard round, when Stefano sing for his life that performance so amazing and I still can remember that performance, also the performance from Ashton when she sang a song from movie Dreamgirls it so amazing too. And this year we have Jeremy and Erika who the performance is so awesome and so memorable.

Great wildcard rounnnddd!!!!!

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