Friday, March 9, 2012

American Idol 11 : Goodbye JerBear A.K.A Jeremy Rosado

A little bit sad when I knew that Jeremy Rosado got eliminated. I love his voice so much, but very unfortunate the performance of him not so strong like he sang "I Know You Won't".

If you didn't see the result show, I just want to share that the three guys in bottom three are Jeremy Rosado, Jermaine Jones and Joshua Ledet. What a surprising result to know Joshua in the bottom three, for me he one of the best performances of the night. Also I disagree with Jimmy, what are you worry about Joshua performance? that is no wrong in Joshua performance.

In the group of girls, the bottom three of the night very same with my prediction and they are Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magrane and Elise Testone. The result said that Elise Testone is the lowest number of vote in the girls group. Elise face to face with Jeremy in the danger position of leaving and the judges all agree to send home Jeremy and keep staying Elise in the competition.

Did I blame the judges for the result? not really because not easy decision to choose Jeremy or Elise. Basically both great, but one of them must go home and the judges pick Jeremy to go home. The reason in my point of view that Jeremy must go home because Jeremy already has safe by the judges in the wildcard round and for the second time Jeremy not through by the vote of the audience, it can mean that not many people like him or connect to him and it make a vote for him not so many. The other reason is Jeremy perform with not really good and it cause to him to get the lowest number of vote.

Still sad when I knew that Jeremy must go home. I really believe of him that he can bring a great performance, but there is no chance to see him again in Idol stage. We just can hope that one label will contract him and Jeremy can release an album or maybe just one single. Wish u all the best JerBear, I pray the best for you JerBear.....

Goodbye Jeremy and Success for you.... God always be with you and God will open a way for you to live your dream, keep your faith and God Bless You

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