Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol Season 11 : Top 13 and The Prediction

American Idol Season 11 already have their top 13, seven guy and six girl ready to battle to win your vote and become the next American Idol. Here they are....

Colton Dixon
20 Years Old
Murfreesboro, TN

Deandre Brackensick
17 Years Old
San Jose, CA

Elise Testone
28 Years Old
Charleston, SC

Erika Van Pelt
26 Years Old
South Kingston, RI

Heejun Han
22 Years Old
Flushing, NY

Hollie Cavanagh
18 Years Old
McKinney, TX

Jeremy Rosado
19 Years Old
Valrico, FL

Jermaine Jones
25 Years Old
Pine Hill, NJ

Jessica Sanchez
16 Years Old
San Diego, CA

Joshua Ledet
19 Years Old
Westlake, LA

Phillip Phillips
21 Years Old
Leesburg, GA

Shannon Magrane
16 Years Old
Tampa, FL

Skylar Laine
18 Years Old
Brandon, MS

They are the top 13 of American Idol Season 11. Who will win? I don't know because everybody has potential to win this competition. All of them have a great moment in their performance first live show and I really agree by  the viewer of America. Maybe only Heejun who the performance not so strong like the other, but his personality is in the top of the list. Heejun can go far in this competition only based by his personality, but he can really go more far and maybe through to top five if his performance consistently good every single week.

It's hard to make a prediction, but I'll try to make a prediction and this is my prediction based on waht they did so far (hometown audition, hollywood weeks, and first live show)

Colton --> He definitely can win this competition, if he can bring the performance like he did in the first live show performance. I believe that top 5 is in his hand.

Deandre --> Deandre voice definitely one of the strongest voice in this season, but he must figure it out how to connect with the audience because strong voice not enough to win this competition. If he want to win this competition he must know how to be more like able and easy to enjoy because sometime to heavy to enjoy and make the connection not so strong with the audience. Top 5? I don't think he can make it based on what he did so far

Elise --> Elise has a great voice and also she can plays the instrument, which is great. She can win this competition? Yes!, She can arrive in the top 5? Yes!. I think she like Haley last season, not so strong as personal and character, maybe in the beginning of the show she will landed in bottom three in many times, but week by week she getting better and people will connect to her and vote for her.

Erika Van Pelt --> She also has a great voice and one of the strongest of this season too, but as personal not so memorable. She can win this competition and also she can go to the top 5, if she nail the performance every single week. But based on what she did so far, top 7 is the best position that she can hit.

Heejun Han --> Only personality can bring Heejun go far in this competition, but based on voice and performance, I think he will got cut soon maybe in first or second week or more far in third week. Hopefully he can fix his performance and can stay in the competition more longer because the competition more hilarious if he there.

Hollie Cavanagh --> I think she is a dark horse in this season. She didn't get enough shot (primetime) during Hollywood Weeks, but she has a big voice and big potential to win this competition. The first live show not really perfect, but I believe she will give surprise performance soon.

Jeremy Rosado --> everybody heart will be touch by this kid. If he sang by his heart every single week, he can not only go further in this competition, but top five and the champion he can get it. But my prediction say that he will be eliminated before top 5 maybe top 6 or top 7 he will got cut.

Jermaine Jones --> He has the most unique voice in this season. The first live show he did great and as I said every single contestant has a chance and potential to win this competition and definitely Jermaine can achieve that. But my prediction his journey will be not so long in this competition.

Jessica Sanchez --> For me, she is the front runner in the girls group. She big chance to win this competition and top five in her hands already, but watch out Jessica because I hope your journey not the same like Pia great in the beginning of the show but got cut in the middle of the competition.

Joshua Ledet --> He also can go so further in this competition and it will be shocking moment if he leave the competition immediately. I believe the title of American Idol can get in Joshua hand and I have a big faith that he will arrive in the top five too.

Phillip Phillips --> He can win this competition like Scotty McCreery did. The character of the voice definitely can bring Phillip to the throne of the champion. He is the favorite of the judges, many audience remember him and I really believe the journey of him will be really the same like Scotty.

Shannon --> Shannon age is so young and sometime it give a bad impact because too unstable emotion. If she got a negative comment, she can broke in the tears and maybe down. She emotion like Lauren Alaina last season and her voice also great like Lauren Alaina and I think Shannon has more a great power in her voice. Definitely can go to the top five and also I think she is one of the front runner in the girl group.

Skylar --> She really like Kellie Pickler. If in the male side we have Heejun, so in the girl side we have Skylar. She will be the miss personality this season and it will remember us to Kellie Pickler. I think she can do really well in this competition. Great voice and great personality, two great combination.

So who will win this competition?? I don't know... I can't give a name for the winner because there are some contestant who in the same position.

In the front runner :
- Phillip Phillips
- Colton Dixon
- Joshua Ledet
- Jessica Sanchez
- Shannon Magrane

in the middle (Dark Horse) :
- Skylar Laine
- Hollie Cavanagh
- Elise Testone
- Erika Van Pelt
- Jeremy Rosado

in the bottom :
- Jermaine Jones
- Deandre Brackensick
- Heejun Han

That's my prediction, maybe you will agree with that and maybe you will hate to that... just share my opinion.... for the fans of Jermaine, Deandre and Heejun so sorry, nothing personal, I just analysis based on their performance based on my point of view ^^

But.... my biggest vote I will give to Colton Dixon for male and Hollie Cavanagh for girl, honestly Phillip is the top vote in the male side, but Phillip performance in the first live show not impress me so much, because of that my top of the vote in male goes to Colton Dixon. So just share again my list of the rank who I will vote :
1. Hollie Cavanagh
2. Colton Dixon
3. Phillip Phillips
4. Joshua Ledet
5. Jeremy Rosado
6. Shannon Magrane
My vote only for them and for the rest sorry I wouldn't give a vote for the rest hahaha except my idol got eliminate hehehe.... Go Hollie!!! Colton!! Phillip!! Joshua!! Jeremy!! and Shannon!!! I hope one of them will be the next of American Idol....

Basically I love every single contestant in this season. In this season, nothing is too much disparity between one another. Whoever win this competition I will still happy.... Can't wait to see their performance because I believe they will be great.... I hope every single person give the best shot so make the viewer confuse to vote. hahahaha

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