Thursday, March 29, 2012

American Idol 11 : Top 9 Performance - Sing a Song From Their Idol

Colton Dixon – Everything
Colton really touched my heart with this performance. Nice opening performance. Love this kid so much and agree with Randy this kid can win this competition because week after week he give the best he can do and trying to give fresh performance. Still supporting on you, Colton. Go Colton!!!...

Skylar Laine - Gunpowder and Lead
She comeback to the performance that I liked, but I don’t know I’m not jumping off my chair like I saw her performance in semi final (Top 12 Female). Skylar definitely nail the song with undenial great voice, she also again give her swagger in her performance, but I don’t know why I just missing something with this performance. If I looked just Skylar performance that was good and strong, but if I must compared to the other contestants in the top 9… this performance just okay and good performance. I’m afraid of her position and maybe she will be in the first time in the bottom three and the bad thing is she is going home.

Heejun Han - A Song For You
WOW!!! speechless for Heejun because I didn’t expect that coming from Heejun. Beuatiful performance, huge comeback from Heejun and now everybody know how great Heejun. So… I hope Heejun kepp this great performance week after week in the later because he is in danger position, one bad performance can make Heejun go home because the competition is fierce and so tight. Good Luck Heejun

Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus Take The Wheel
Nice performance by Hollie, much better than last week. I agree with Jennifer Lopez, I can felt the message that she want to deliver. Also I think this is one of the nice moments that Hollie have in the competition. She sang with not over thinking just goes with the emotion, very nice. But I’ve sick to see Hollie performance because every week she likes do the same thing, pick a big song from a diva example : TOP 13 from Whitney Houston, TOP 12 from Celine Dion, TOP 9 from Carrie Underwood also in the TOP 10 pick a big song with a ton of emotion in the song. I knew that she really like in this zone, but c’mon Hollie out of your comfort zone and give us something different maybe change the arrangement, give surprising improvement, or maybe give the unique of Hollie or show tons of personality in the song. C’mon Hollie, you can’t pick a big song with full of emotion every week. Also please not a song from a diva because big chances you compare to the original artist if you can’t give something different also you have a problem with the pitch issue, if sing a big song with pitch issue the overall performance will be just okay. I don’t want your journey end this fast, Hollie… Also I don’t want your journey end like Shannon because pick diva songs again and again. I hope her journey still alive and not end this week, but if she do the same thing next week probably she will going home next week. But I’m still believing in her, I know she can be great and I know she can more stronger more spectacular than this. C’mon Hollie!!!

Deandre Brackensick - Sometimes I Cry
Big surprise came from Deandre. I never expect that he will be so great this week because I think he has a big chance to go home, but with this performance he will still continue the journey in American Idol for another week. If he goes home, it will be a shocking moment. The voice of him was so great, the falsetto is so beautiful, he’s really in the zone, he gave it all and the best performance by him so far in this competition. Beautiful performance, definitely can be the best performance in top 9. Amazing and so beautifull!!.. well done Deandre!.

Jessica Sanchez - Sweet Dream
What I like about this girl is this girl so fearless, this girl gave a new arrangement for Beyonce song “Sweet Dream” and that was amazing. We knew that Jessica has a great voice and she already prove by sang “I Will Always Love You” and also last week performance. Jessica not afraid to get out from her comfort zone and sing a song who can’t be predict like Jessica did in TOP 12 and like in tonight performance. Great job, Jessica. Beautiful arrangement and still keep your position in the front runner in this competition.

Phillip Phillips - Still Rainin'
Phillip is getting stronger and stronger week by week. This guy wants to win this competition. Also tonight outfit was nice and enough stylish for this gorgeous competition. This performance more strong than last week and if Phillip give a improvement week by week, he will in top three in my opinion and maybe can win this entire competition. Great performance, awesome voice, and cool swagger in this performance. Go Phillip!!!...

Joshua Ledet - Without You
Joshua doesn’t want lose the spotlight tonight. Joshua is in the zone, but still surprise that he can nail the song from Mariah Carey because song from Mariah is so hard to sing. Shannon got eliminated because sing from Mariah song and just give okay performance, but Joshua sang the song with incredible awesome, he sang with great and also give tons of emotion in the song. I believe he will safe for another week and with this performance also he still keeps his position as a front runner in this competition. Going home? Will be crazy surprising result and all judges will safe him for sure…

Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love
Elise give an unbelievable performance. Who can expect that Elise will perform the rock song from Led Zeppelin? I think nobody. Elise likes Phillip, the performance by her is getting stronger week by week, OMG this girl is a dark horse in the competition. For all front runners watch out for the lady dark horse because Elise is in it to win it!!!....

The best of the night?? it's so hard to decide because the judges give five times standing ovation, but for me the best of the night go to Deandre because very surprising performance and very nice performance, so strong performance in my opinion....


1. Deandre Brackensick
2. Phillip Phillips
3. Joshua Ledet
4. Elise Testone
5. Colton Dixon
6. Jessica Sanchez
7. Heejun Han
8. Hollie Cavanagh
9. Skylar Laine

TOP 9 performances were so amazing. Hard to pick who will go home…. I don’t have a clue who’s will out. But based on my analysis, I worry about Hollie because in the big chance that she will be in trouble and maybe in the danger to go home, but I have a confidence believe that if Hollie out the judges will safe her. Also I worry about Skylar position in the competition because she like Hollie need an injection to throw her to be have a great memorable unforgettable performance. I think the judges in the big chance will use their safe this week, but if Heejun out I don’t think the judges will safe him and for the rest there’s a chance that judges will safe them. For Deandre?? I don’t know, he so great this week, to bring him in the bottom three it’s so ridiculous, I hope he safe, but if he out of the competition 60% I think the judges will not safe him because the judges already give a second chance to him in the wildcard round, but inside my heart I believe Deandre will safe. I think the bottom three probably will be Skylar, Hollie and Heejun  this is just my opinion hehehe…..

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