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American Idol 11 : Top 13 Performances - Tribute to Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston

American Idol Season 11 Top 13 has performed. The theme of this TOP 13 performances is tribute to Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. Also that a tricky rule in this season, in this Top 13 the result show will be the battle of the boys versus the girls. The lowest number of vote in boys group and the lowest number of vote in girls group will facing the elimination and one of them will be eliminate by the judges, so the judges have the power to make someone cry and going home also the dream is over.

Let's talk about the performance....

Joshua Ledet - I Wish
Smokin' Hot performance by Joshua Ledet. He really surprised me that he can perform like that. Amazing vocal performance and memorable performance. Love Joshua performance and magnificent opening number performance.

Elise Testone
The vocal sounded so good, but she too much think in her performance and lack of using heart.. It was good, but the connection with the song very lack. So.. the performance just great bunch of technique, but lack of heart and emotion. If she use heart, the performance will be more great.

Jermaine Jones
What I felt for Jermaine performance same like Elise did. He really want to show his ability in singing and definitely he bring that with nice vocal performance also I believe he push more in his singing ability, it was nice, but again lack of heart and emotion.

Erika Van Pelt
Agree with Jennifer Lopez, if she using more heart and more connect to the song right in the very beginning, the performance not just nice and good but will be so awesome. Overall was good and nice performance, but what I like about Erika performance is Erika can build the dynamic in her performance, so Erika is starting in the low moment and goes to the end it's climbing to the climax and she ended her performance with very beautiful and strong. She got the climax and what she did in the dynamic in the song was so great. She has many potential to prove in this competition, so please vote for her America....

Colton Dixon
Colton Dixon is a superstar. He has a charisma and aura to be a superstar also to be a champion. He have all the things to be a winner of American Idol. He definitely can win this competition, if he bring it every single week. Who knew that He will be good in Stevie Wonder week? I surprised. That was very good performance from Colton Dixon and also in the end he gave it all, magnificent ending performance.

Shannon Magrane
I still believe that she has ability to nail this song, but the advise from Mary and Jimmy for use heart to sing this performance didn't Shannon bring into her live performance. She started with good I think, but I looks that she didn't comfortable with her performance and I think Steven Taylor was right bout the nervous beat her in this performance. So... Shannon performance swallowed by a strong song, it painful to see the performance of Shannon goes to the end, I didn't get the connection, didn't get the moment, feels so terible for her, I know she talented and very potential person because she very young, but she could be in the trouble this week. Wish u all the best Shannon.

Deandre Brackensick
Wow! Deandre also surprised me. He didn't use her falseo voice again and he like Joshua bring a surprise performance by took a beat song. Nice performance by Deandre and this is what I want coming from Deandre, the performance who really likeable, easy to enjoy and the voice still dammed great!. What a cool performance from him!!! well done Deandre. Also agree with Jennifer, I don't want the performance by Deandre stop hahaha....

Skylar Laine
Agree with the judges, in the beginning of the performance not really sure bout the performance will be good, but Skylar gave it all in the end of the part of her performance. The ending part is so memorable part, great vocal performance, great emotion and the whole performance become so good because the end of part it's so gorgeous.

Heejun Han
Heejun redeem himself by give a great performance. Heejun voice so tender and so smooth in this song, very beautiful performance. Much better than last week performance. I believe he will save because with both of personality and great performance, every single contestant will be have a far far away journey.

Hollie Cavanagh
My little girl with big voice. I just can say great, great and great. Also much better than last week, last week already good, and tonight she more great!! I hope she give a tremendous improvement week by week and also give a surprise performance that we don't expect and I hope she will bring it as soon as possible. Talented girl!!! Go Hollie!!!...

Jeremy Rosado
Unfortunately the performance not great like he did in wildcard performance, but it still good. If he give more power in this performance, the performance will be more great. In some moment felt like lack of power, but she has a smooth and tender voice who make juicy my ears, still love him. Not best performance of him, but still good.

Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You
Agree with Randy, this girl is the best voice of this season. I see many time the contestant who sing "I Will Always Love You" and became a disaster, but she really did a great job. Of course can't compare to Whitney, but she still doing a great job. There was many moment that so beautiful, so memorable and so amazing. This girl can win this competition, watch out guys!!...

Phillip Phillips - Superstition
What I felt about Phillip is the feeling that I feels for Scotty. The performance is not the strongest performance of the night, also not the top three strongest performance, but he still catch the heart of the audience with his unique voice. I love the redemption of "superstition" by Phillip. Phillip with his guitar became an amazing match up. The performance not so spectacular, but still great for close the show.

Rank of tonight performance :

and for me the champion of tonight performance is..... JOSHUA LEDET for the boys group and JESSICA SANCHEZ for the girls group

If I must picked one of them, therefore I will pick JOSHUA LEDET. I know Jessica performance is so amazing and spectacular, but Joshua is the man who surprise me in Top 13 performances and also Joshua give a tremendous vocal performance. So I pick Joshua for the first rank in Top 13 performance.

*After I watch the performance again... I fix my judging because Jessica performance with "I Will Always Love You" very amazing because of that sorry Joshua, I'll pick Jessica for the first rank in Top 13 Performance.



1. Jessica Sanchez
2. Joshua Ledet
3. Deandre Brackensick
4. Colton Dixon
5. Hollie Cavanagh
6. Heejun Han
7. Phillip Phillips
8. Skylar Laine
9. Jeremy Rosado
10. Erika Van Pelt
11. Jermaine Jones
12. Elise Testone
13. Shannon Magrane

Joshua, Jessica and Deandre performances are the performances that we will remember in many long time and after this season over we will be still remember that performances, in my opinion.

who will be eliminated?? I don't knowww.... I don't want Shannon go home T.T and also don't want Elise go home, because I know that two ladies can give a wonderful performance. I more happy if Jermaine go home, but I know he also good and his voice is so unique and we still need more that color of voice in this competition. So.... I don't know who will go home.... I hope judges make the decision with very wisely...

Just let seee.....

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