Friday, December 3, 2010

10 Best Performance in American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 2)

10 Best Performance in 
American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 2)

by : ArD

8. Kesha - Take It Off & We R Who We R

I put Kesha in number eight because her outfit when start singing is insane!! Glasses like that, really nice. The medley from "Take It Off" 2 "We R Who We R" also great, Kesha really use the word of take it off, she take it off her outfit and change to the simple outfit when sang "We R Who We R". Nice performance from Kesha, and I like in the end of the part when Kesha play guitar and destroy it when her performance is over.

Although X-tina vocal performance is really great, I still put Kesha in one spot better than X-tina because I more knew a song from Kesha and already fell in love with her song.

7. Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Beat)

They have a great stage act performance. everything was good, but one thing beyond that is the energy in that stage is awesome, the energy is on fire!!!. Start singing when they inside the box who up n down, that was also a point plus of act stage. Not only they act stage is great also the new song from they is incredible, because I fell in love at first listen to the song. Party song!!! and the beat is so dirty, make our body move move and move!! great song again from BEP!!!. Great song with great stage act performance and also bring a tons of energy to that stage in AMA 2010, of course and very definitely BEP "The Time" performance is great!! and memorable.... ^,^

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