Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Best Performance in American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 5)

10 Best Performance in 
American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 5)

by ArD

2. BSB & NKOTB - Medley..... (Everybody, Step By Step, Larger Than Life, I Want It That Way, etc.)

I think this is the best duet of the year 2010. Two extra-ordinary boysband who really famous and have a peak career in 90's duet together in one stage. American Music Awards 2010 really great, because can bring two superstar boysband in one stage. Backstreet Boys and New Kid On The Block duet in one stage??? I can't imagine until see them perform in AMA stage.

OMG!!! BSB & NKOTB performance is really insane!!! and definitely suitable enough for close the show like AMA. A big show closed by a big spectacular performance. I like the way they did in medley the songs, I like the dance, I like the collaboration so much and I really enjoy watch this performance. Really fit for closing performance because this performance give a great impression to the AMA.

I salute to the AMA because it can unite the two groups are very popular in the 90's. BSB & NKOTB definitely can bring their best performance. The energy was on top when their performance... really really great. Too many words that can be given to this appearance because it is so awesome.

1. Pink - Raise Your Glass

Pink performance is the best performance in my opinion in American Music Awards 2010. I love everything in Pink performance. The way she sing, the way she have fun in the stage, and Pink really show her attitude and personality in "Raise Your Glass" performance. This performance closed by great too because balloon drop from the roof.

Pink performance bring the energy to the top. One of the climax performance in AMA 2010. The dance crew is also great too and give a huge advantage to Pink performance because the dance crew can work together with very proper and make a nice collaboration, that's why the stage performance from Pink is awesome!!... and really nice to watch again, again and again.

That's all my opinion about 10 best performance in American Music Awards 2010 show. So that's it.... See you again in my next post talking about another topic and another award and also another music event. See ya all!!....

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