Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Best Performance in American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 4)

10 Best Performance in 
American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 4)

by ArD

4. Usher Feat. Swedish House Mafia - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Again

If the singer or artist can bring a great vocal performance in live show, so that artist or singer must bring great stage performance. That's how Usher did it in AMA's show. Usher vocal performance uuummmmm quite bad when sang this song, but he show a great dance, bring a tons of energy and definitely Swedish House Mafia can lift up Usher performance with their effect/remix to the song also the dance crew became a great partner for Usher, the dance crew also bring a really great dance.

You must see the video that I attach in this post, just see in bellow. The peak of Usher performance in 2:20 till the end of his performance. Usher & Swedish House Mafia are rocks!!!!!! unbelievable performance from Swedish House Mafia & Usher... Very memorable!!!

3. Justin Bieber - Pray

Justin Bieber didn't give a hot and spectacular dance or insane stage performance, but because of the simplicity of the performance that I really like with JB performance. I just love the song, that's it!!... and JB definitely can sing with really well. JB also can deliver the message of the song with really well. This song has a great message and JB can deliver that to the heart of all audience.

I'm impress with JB performance because he displays a serious side and a appreciation side in the song, because so far rarely see JB doing something like this. Well done, buddy!.

One bad thing in JB performance why should always be looked down upon to sing this song? and he was too much to do that ... even so, let alone... because of the song that brought such a beautiful and touching in my heart.

Such a great performance from JB... ^^

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