Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 Best Performance in American Music Awards 2010 (Chapter 3)

10 Best Performance in 
American Music Awards 2010 
(Chapter 3)

by ArD

6. Neyo - Medley (One In a Million & Beautiful Monster)

The man also don't wanna lose by the girls, like Neyo. Neyo performance same great like Katy Perry, Christina, Kesha and also BEP. Why I more choose Neyo in a better position than that four artists because Neyo performance use a video, so he combine the video recorded with live singing performance. Extremely great!!!

not only that.... Neyo performance tell the story to the audience. It's not only just a performance who give our ears satisfied and our eyes get a pleasant from the the stage act, but also the appearance contains a story. Memorable performance/appearance from Neyo!!...

O ya the last one thing, the dance from Neyo also great!!! and the energy who he gave to the stage is insanely lots!!!!....

5. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie Part II, What's My Name, & Only Girl (In The World)

The show open by Rihanna performance. You know what?? this show open by ridiculous performance. Three songs directly on display at the beginning of this AMA event, and all of the third songs is a hit song from Rihanna. The first is part 2 of a sensational song with Eminem's hit "Love The Way You Lie", the second is another song that climbed to the top of the charts in the world that is "What's My Name" feat. Drake, the third is the mainstay of the album Loud song is "Only Girl (In The World).

Rihanna also gave a smooth medley when movement from one song to another song and the way Rihanna did that, I like it!!!! She really gave her best shot in this event. She really rocks the stage and also rocks the event!!!..... Wow!! Rihanna you're rocks!!!!

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