Friday, December 10, 2010

ArD Awards 2010 - Indonesia Categories : Female Performance of the Year

Before we start my show "ArD Awards 2010", I just want to explain first how I made the decision to choose a champion of every nominations

the criteria for the winner are not only because I'm a huge fans of the song and the artist, no.. no... no... there are still many criteria for I can pick the winner. The criteria for the winner are radio airplay, TV airplay, chart - chart, the album, the RBT, and definitely the greatness of the song/album and also see all the people around me are many who like it or not.

Let start our show with Indonesia Categories....
and the first award is Female Performance of The Year

Please welcome my show.....

ArD Awards 2010

Indonesia Categories

Female Performance of the Year


The nominees are

Agnes Monica - Karena Ku Sanggup

One of the hottest music in Indonesia for 2010. There is no question what quality that Agnes Monica has, so... for sure everybody in Indonesia agree if I put Agnes Monica in this nomination. "Karena Ku Sanggup" is the song that everybody in Indonesia heard a lot, many people like it and of course conquer many chart in Indonesia.

Astrid - Tentang Rasa

Astrid known as a quirky singer because her voice is so unique and so different. "Tentang Rasa" is the song that can bring Astrid to the top of the chart. This song has a high selling ring back tone (RBT) in Indonesia. This song really often played in Radio and also this song sit in number one in many chart.

Indah Dewi Pertiwi - Baru Aku Tahu Cinta Itu Apa

One of the hottest newcomer in this year. Indah really take everybody attention just by one single called "Baru Aku Tahu Cinta Itu Apa". This song very fast climb to the number one in many chart. This song can be really famous because support promotion from KFC too, this song really often promoted by KFC and played in many KFC store. Very deserve to have a spot in this nomination.

Shanty - Waktu Takkan Mampu

This is one of the best song from Shanty ever from entire her career. The song is great, from music, the lyric, everything is good and great!!... This song quite often play in Radio, but I'm quite sure many people falling in love with this song.

Sherina - Pergilah Kau

Sherina really back to the top of the game with her new album "Gemini". After sensational hit "Cinta Pertama dan Terakhirku" in last year, which song was very right to snatch the title as the song of the year on last year, Sherina back to the top with her two other single "Gemini" and "Pergilah Kau". "Pergilah Kau" is one of the sensational hit in 2010. Very often play in Radio, #1 in many chart, and definitely the RBT also sold in high number.


The Winner is.....


I pick Sherina as a winner and beat the other nominees because she can bounce back which the previous album not really succeed. Sherina also not only release one hit wonder from her album "Gemini", so far she release three single which every single that have been released by Sherina is really tasty and accepted really well with Indonesian People. The song of "Pergilah Kau" also insane, it's hard to get bored with this song, the lyric is also great and also she can deliver the message in this song with really well. In my opinion, Sherina really deserve to get this award because 2010 is Sherina's year.

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