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20.10 ArD December Playlist

20.10 ArD December Playlist

Before I talk about ArD Awards, let's find out the songs that in to my playlist in month of December. The songs who into December playlist wouldn't be accounted for in the ArD Awards 2010. So the ArD Awards 2010 only accounted the songs from December 2009 until November 2010.

Forget the ArD Awards 2010 for a while because this post not talk about ArD Awards 2010, but about 20.10 ArD December Playlist.

Here it is all song who into my playlist in month of December :

International Playlist

20. Hurts - Wonderful Life

19. Dirty Money - Coming Home

18. Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart

17. Nicole Scherzinger - Poison

16. Trey Songz Feat. Nikki Minaj - Bottoms Up

15. My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na

14. Usher - There's Goes My Baby

13. Black Eyed Peas - The Time (The Dirty Bit)

12. Michael Buble - Hollywood

11. Lee Dewyze - Live It Up

10. Mike Posner - Please Don't Go

9. Lady Antebellum - I Run To You

8. Jay Sean Feat. Nikki Minaj - 2012 (It Ain't The End)

7. Neyo - One In a Million

6. Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything

5. Beast - Beautiful

4. Bruno Mars - Grenade

3. Justin Bieber - Pray

2. Pink - Raise Your Glass

1. Rihanna Feat. Drake - What's My Name

Again! Rihanna take the first position in ArD Playlist for two months in a row, I put her and Drake in number one position because the song is so catchy and really caught in my mind really fast. Pink almost take the number one position, but wasn't good enough because I more crazy with Rihanna song. Justin Bieber song "Pray" also a hot song!! damned! the lyric is so great, it is possible for me to place Bieber song "Pray" in the first position because of his lyric is so nice and the song that really inspires. Sorry for Bieber fans, I still choose Rihanna and Pink in number one and two, Because I more crazy in love with Rihanna and Pink did in Their songs.

Bruno Mars sit in number four with his latest single "Grenade", I like the video and the song pretty much hehehe.... one and only Asian Artist in my December playlist Beast with their latest single "Beautiful" sit in number five. That's my top five songs in December playlist for International playlist.

Now let's talk about Indonesian Playlist

Indonesian Playlist

10. Irwansyah - Tentang Perasaanku

9. Anang Feat. Aurel - Tanpa Bintang

8. Afgan - Bawalah Cintaku

7. Igo - Kemenangan Cinta

6. ST 12 - Dunia Pasti Berputar

5. D'Masiv - Semakin

4. Once - Pasti Untukmu

3. Pasto - Teman atau Kekasih

2. Marcel - Peri Cintaku

1. Lyla - Magic

Congratulation for Lyla because this is the very first time Lyla take number one position in ArD Playlist. Great song from Lyla, "Magic" is a very easy listening and when you heard in the first time you will directly falling in love. Lovin it!!...

Marcel with "Peri Cintaku" wasn't good enough for number one, but still very fit for number two in December ArD playlist. Pasto and Once sit in number 3 and 4. D'Masiv for the umpteenth time they into my playlist and in December D'Masiv sit in number five.

Do you realize something from my Indonesian Playlist?? If you realize overall Indonesian artists who entered the Playlist in the month of December is the man. that there is only one woman is Aurel and that too is a duet partner for Anang, so out of 10 major artists are all men, what a coincidence right?? hahaha...

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