Friday, December 31, 2010

Lyla - Magic

Lyla - Magic

Indonesian Artist

This is the end of the day in 2010. I will share about the number in Indonesian December ArD Playlist. The number in My Indonesian Playlist is Lyla with "Magic". Lyla is one of the famous bands in Indonesia. Lyla really take the attention of People Indonesia by their single called "Percayakan", with this single Lyla raise to the top of the game music industry in Indonesia. From that name of Lyla be counted in Indonesia music industry.

Now Lyla released their new single called "Magic". This song is really catchy, very easy listening and I'm sure out there many people like this song a lot. The lyric is about love and this is a simple love song, but great to heard and great to share to your girlfriend. This is a fragment of the word of this song..... "all you do is magic, everything you give is magic, you are the most beautiful to me"

The video is nice to watch. I knew everything so simple, but again I said nice to watch. The light and the smoke when their band perform in this video is good and the story of the video who the girl provided a clue it's quite interesting. Everything were nice....

Rating for the video : 3 Stars

What do you think about the song?? and the video?? give your comment in this column of comment ^^

see ya... and let celebrate the new year of 2011...... only left one hour to 2011.. yippieeee.....!!!!

Number 1 in Indonesian Playlist
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