Thursday, June 24, 2010

Both Kimberley&Kimberly From Season Two American Idol, Ready To Rock The World!!

Do you know the both Kimberley that I mean?? If you are a fans of American Idol, I believe you know. Yep! they are finalist from American Idol, specifically season two finalist. Kimberley Locke is the second runner-up and Caldwell arrive in seventh place.

In Asia, I'm not sure that both of them is really famous especially for Kimberly Caldwell. Kimberley Locke had released album and the single "8th Wonder" famous enough in Asia. For Kimberly Caldwell unfortunately not really famous in Asia because she never released at least one album, so in Asia her name really not famous and maybe there some people never heard her name.

Now both of Kimberley&Kimberly ready to rock the music industry, I hope the music industry around the world. Kimberley Locke already release first single from her upcoming album called "Strobelight". Jason DeRulo also release a song who name like that.

For Kimberly Caldwell, Caldwell also already release the first single from her upcoming album called "Mess Of You". Caldwell album actually must release in month of April, but maybe there is some problem so make the album delayed to release. In the next month Kimberly Caldwell will release an album and this is a debut album for her.

I love the songs from both of them, but if I must compare between a song from Locke and Caldwell, I more fell in love with a song from...... Kimberly Caldwell. Not only Caldwell more sexy and more beautiful than Locke, but also the song more easy to liked based on my opinion. This song really fit for Caldwell because she unique voice really shining in this song. Caldwell really like Pink, the voice is husky and added some rock flavor in a song.

If you want to move and dance, I suggest you that you prefer choose Kimberley Locke song because very the song really make your body move. If you a fans of R&B song or pop-dance or clubbing, I believe you more like Kimberley Locke song called "Strobelight".

Unfortunately Kimberley Locke doesn't still release her official video for "Strobelight", but don't worry I still give you the video although the video just face of her hehehe..... enjoy.... ^^ (I hope I can share in this blog if Locke release the official video for this song)

After locke, It's turn for Kimberly Caldwell with "Mess Of You". She damned gorgeous in this video, very sexy, hot and so beautiful. Enjoy this video :

Sorry I can't share the video in this post/blog, so just click this link to see the video... thanks!

See you in the next post......

*I hope I still can update this blog because I already work in a company, not a easy job, but I will give it my best to this blog.... ^^ see ya!!

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