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Spoiler For Song Choices By 10 Finalist Indonesian Idol 2010

If you want to see my prediction about this week theme just check out my previous post or you can click this

My feeling is right that will separated in two groups. One group will bring a metal (rock) song and another group will sing a clubbing (dance) song.

Metal (rock) group filled by: Gilang, Igo, Ray, Tesa & Windra
Clubbing (dance) group filled by: Citra, Diana, Fendi, Keyko & Rio

I just wrong one person in metal and one person in clubbing. My suggestion and my prediction said that Keyko better in metal song and Igo will pick a clubbing song, actually I'm wrong. Keyko pick a clubbing song and Igo pick a metal song.

This is their song choices...........

Metal group:
Gilang - Kamu Kamulah Surgaku
Gilang with "Kamu Kamulah Surgaku", finally he is picking a slow song (ballad). I'm a little bit curious with his performance, will be like what Gilang performance?? Just let see....

Igo - Perempuan Paling Cantik Di Negeriku Indonesia
I'm not surprise with his pick because my feeling said that if Igo pick a metal song then a type of song like this that he will pick. I think he still better pick a clubbing song because will make people more surprise with his performance.

Ray - Musnah
Ray with "Musnah", I hope Ray change the arrangement like he did with ST 12 song. If he did like that again, definitely Ray performance will terrific!!

Tesa - Mencintaimu Sampai Mati
I hope Tesa did like last week. She change the arrangement of the song and sing with great technique also connect to the song. Please! Tesa doesn't just sing a song with well because make you will going backward. I hope she can do the best and like a superstar again this week.

Windra - Kehilangan
My wish just one for Windra, whatever song you take please give something special to the song, don't just sing well and give a plain emotion. Windra also improve your stage act performance, I don't wanna see the awkward moment and awkward style again from you. Please give me something different from you!!! and something special from you!!! so I can remember your performance. I hope your performance not forgettable and like karaoke performance.

I more interest with song choices by clubbing group because I can't imagine and I can't predict what they will do with that song??... very very interesting and make me so curious.

Clubbing group:
Citra - Hikayat Cintaku
Citra pick "Hikayat Cintaku", song with shade of Dangdut (music genre in Indonesia) whereas Citra is a jazzy singer. Very curious and interesting right???

Diana - Love Me Is Money
Diana pick Cinta Laura song "Love Me is Money", this song very pop-R&B whereas Diana is pop-opera singer. Diana is taking a high risk and I hope he can pay the risk.

Fendi - Ular Berbisa
I'm a little bit disappointed with one person because the song choice not surprising me and that is Fendi. Fendi pick "Ular Berbisa", if him not change the arrangement and give something different to this song, he will be in danger because many people can predict his performance. Hopefully Fendi can out from my prediction.

Keyko - 50 Tahun Lagi
Keyko with "50 Tahun Lagi", Keyko take a risk too. She doesn't want play safe. I hope Keyko can give a great progression in singing an up-beat song, so she can safe for another week in this competition.

Rio - Gelora Asmara
Rio with "Gelora Asmara", I can't believe that Rio choice this song. I liked this song so much, so I hope Rio can sing this song with very well. Rio please connect to the song, be focus and singing with very very well, okay???

All contestants in clubbing group, totally take a high risk, so I hope all the risk their take commensurate with the result.

They song choices are very interesting. I Can't wait to see their performances in Idol stage, honestly. So don't forget to catch-up ten finalist Indonesian Idol season six in RCTI @9PM WIB or you can visit the Indonesian Idol show in Central Park, West Jakarta, Indonesia.

See you tomorrow, Guys!!!

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indonesia said...

Pokoknya Citra! :)
Dia sangat menarik dan smart!

Donny Verdian

ArD said...

Support Citra karna dia berbeda and very unique!!

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