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Review Indonesian Idol Top 10, Fendi Out From The Competition

In this week, Indonesian Idol officially only left 9 Idol hopeful in the competition because one of ten contestants must leave the competition. The theme of this week very interesting because carry two theme Metal (rock) & Dugem (Clubbing) with officially theme "Metal Vs Dugem". Whether this week great like last week??

Here it is my review......

Igo – Perempuan Paling Cantik Di Ngeriku Indonesia (The most beautiful women in my country Indonesia)
Igo performance is not great like his performances last couple week because for me is just okay performance, very ordinary and nothing special with his performance. I just liked the first part in his performance and the rest just ordinary, started with good but flat go to the end. Just okay performance for me…

Citra – Hikayat Cintaku (My Love Saga)
Citra, I liked the whole concept, the choreography, fashion¸ and your expression in your performance. Also I liked the confidence that you bring into the stage, definitely this element is out of your element but you show a big confidence in that stage and that was good. In singing, sorry Citra this is not your best performance and more going down from last week performance. Like Igo performance, I just liked when you start singing, go to the end more flat and sounded so weird in many moments. That wasn’t good performance from you, Citra.

Rio – Gelora Asmara (Romances Surge)
Rio, in my thought you are playing safe tonight. You didn’t take the high risk like with the improvisation or change the arrangement of the song, but overall that was good performance because you can blend with the song and you sang with good too also get the groovy of the song too. I’m happy with that because that I were waiting for from you Rio that you can blend with the song and sing with good. That was good, but too safe performance for me.

Keyko – 50 Tahun Lagi (50 Years Again)
I don’t know what happen with tonight, until Keyko performance, nobody can show a spectacular performance. Keyko, that was fun performance and I very enjoy watch your performance. What do you want in the video, you can make it happen in your performance. Keyko, this song has been sung with many people and many artists, I want you give something different with this song but, you didn’t. Overall not many special moment in there, but that was fun performance and I really enjoyed it. Good!

Ray – Musnah (Annihilated)
For the first time, Ray progression is going down. Ray performance in this week is the bad performance ever by him in Indonesian Idol competition season 6. I can’t enjoy Ray performance. I totally disagree with Melly, Ray totally trying to hard to be like a rocker and he failed. Too pushy, not blend with the song, pitchy all over the place and lost the identity of Ray. That was very bad performance from you, Ray.

Fendi – Ular Berbisa (Snake Venomous)
Honestly, Fendi performance like my prediction. Fendi will sing the song with nothing special. I liked the first part and the end part, the rest not really liked it because very ordinary and seems too flat for me for clubbing song. But definitely I must praise you for the act stage performance, that was so cool act stage performance, I really enjoy to see you in that stage because you looks so comfortable in that stage. The sing not good but the act stage good!.

Tesa – Mencintaimu Sampai Mati (Love You Till Death)
Oh! What happen with tonight, everybody can’t reach my standard. Tesa compare to the other contestant in tonight performance, Tesa performance is still good and can safe you for another week. But compare to the last week performance by you, the different is so far. Last week I give you nine point five for your performance, this week just six minus. But that was still good performance for tonight.

Diana – Love is Money
Diana definitely this is not your comfort zone and really sang out of your element. I totally agree with Agnes said, if you out from comfort zone just two chances will happen that you will be so great or so bad. I so hard to said this but, I must. Diana performance is the bad performance so far in top 10 and the bad performance by you ever in this whole competition. I really want to cry when watch Diana sang this song, she look not comfortable with the song, very nervous, lack of confidence, very doubtful, wrong and forgot the lyric, very awful performance and make me want to Cry. Definitely wrong song choice for her. I just hope Indonesian people can give second chance to Diana. Diana is so pity…(>.<)

Windra – Kehilangan (Loss)
Welcome back Windra!!. Wow! I really surprise with your performance Windra. That was good performance and I think the best performance of tonight performance. This is one of your best performance and strong performance for tonight. I agree with Erwin that you betray to the theme of this week but, I agree with Agnes too. Windra take a smart move in this week, then you pick a metal or clubbing song but you can’t handle it with good better you take like this song. Windra really playing safe, but definitely can bring him for another week.

Gilang – Kamu Kamulah Surgaku (All of You is My Heaven)
Gilang I liked what you doing in the front. When you’re playing guitar and start to sing, but again go to the end I get bored, very flat go to the end. What Agnes said is true, Gilang must improve in act stage performance. Gilang too much walking in the stage but, this is slow rock song and can we said a ballad song, so not suitable enough if you go around the stage and sing a song kind like this. Just okay performance, for me.

Honestly, this week is a terrible week. I hate this week, in my head said this week is one of the bad week so far in Idol season 6 competition.

So it's hard for me to pick the superstar of the night. For last couple week I hate him performance and really want him to going home, but this week his performance is great and I must to pick him. So...... my superstar for this week is....


This is my rank for top 10 performances :
Although not fair, but strong performance of the night
1. Windra

Safe for another week....
2. Keyko
3. Rio
4. Tesa

Have some issue to fall into the bottom three...
5. Igo
6. Citra
7. Gilang
8. Fendi
9. Ray
10. Diana

Based on performance, my bottom three are Diana, Ray and Fendi. Based on performance Diana must leave the competition because the bad performance of the night and she looks like an amateur singer.

But in the bottom of my heart, I really want one boy to going home. I can't accept if one girl must going home again. Indonesian Idol already lost two talented girl Dea and Mona, please! I don't want any girl left in this competition so fast because four girls left in the competition have a big potential to be a great artist, so I hope one boy leave the competition. Definitely Windra will be safe for another week and also Rio because both of them has a good performance. Ray and Igo have more potential to be a great artist, so between Gilang or Fendi who I want to see leave the competition.

The result is announced by Daniel and Fendi leave the competition. Feels sorry for you Fendi, but I'm proud of you because you be the underdog in this competition and you prove that you deserve in this competition and also can struggle until top 10. Goodbye baby face, Fendi!! Good Luck for you.... ^^

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