Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Indonesian Idol Review Top 11, Shocking Result!!

Hu hu… :( I’m not watched Indonesian Idol top 11 with full. I watched from Igo performance until Windra performance. Just six performances that I watched live in Friday and there are Igo, Ray, Tesa, Rio, Keyko, & Windra. This is my review:

Igo – Cinta Dua Hati (Two Heart In Love)
Igo is getting better week by week. Igo is really a dark horse in this competition. Igo from the underdog position become front-runners in this competition. Igo align himself with the leading contestants. If Igo consistent with performance like this, I think he can arrive in the big five. Last week I said the best performance by you, but now this performance is the best performances by Igo during Idol competition. Two weeks in the row, you’re doing great!!

Ray – Aku Padamu (I’m on your)
Ray performance is so different from the original artist, ST 12. Ray gave a new taste in this song. This song is so magnificent interpret by Ray. This performance is one another best performance by you, Ray. That was great!!!

Tesa – Pelan Pelan saja (Slowly)
I’m happy with Tesa because the progression more significant week by week. Now Tesa not just a singer can hit the crazy high notes, but also can make a song sounds current. The arrangement was terrific, I’m crazy in love with the arrangement, and Tesa singing this song was very tremendous. High technique, very current and all things are great. This is the best performance by you in Indonesian Idol competition and I will hard to forget this performance, so memorable moment. Great job, Tesa!!!

Rio – Tanya Hati (Asked Hearts)
Rio performance still didn’t answer my expectation for him. Rio has some weird things. When Rio sang with very well and the emotion goes to lack also failed to connect with the song, but if Rio connect to the song also can get the emotion and Rio sang with very bad. Like Melly Goeslaw said focus when you sing, your eyes must be focus and feel the song because your eyes totally can speaks that you feel and connect to the song or no. Just good performance….

Keyko – Lama Lama Aku Bosan (I Would Get Bored)
Keyko must learn again how to sing an up-beat song because when Keyko sang an up-beat song, definitely not very well. In Ballad song, Keyko definitely can sing with very well and her emotion to the song was amazing. Very unfortunate it’s not equal with her ability in sing an up-beat song. This performance is alright performance for me, with nothing special moment.

Windra – Sahabat Jadi Cinta (Friend Become Love)
This song is so popular in Indonesia and this should be an advantage for Windra. Windra failed bring this song. Windra totally didn’t give anything to the song. He just sang the song with very well. Yes, sounded no pitchy when Windra sing. It’s not enough, Windra. If Windra want to be a superstar, he must give a something special to the song. This performance is karaoke performance, very forgettable, your style is so awkward and you're progression so far behind of the other contestants. If Windra want to stay longer in this competition, he really must give extra hard work to catch-up the other contestants. Windra your progression is too slowly.

I didn’t watch the performance from other five contestants like Citra, Fendi, Diana, Dea, dan Gilang. But don’t worry I will still give my review about them because I watched they performance in IndonesianIdol.com. Here it is my review for the rest….

Citra – Geregetan
This Citra performance is not the best performance by her, but still good performance. For the umpteenth time, you can make a song feel different and so refreshing. I liked the cuteness that Citra bring to this song. Not the best performance from Citra because I’ve got a little weird moment, but still good performance and very enjoyable performance. Good performance to warming-up this competition.

Fendi – Masih Disini Masih Denganmu (Still Here Still With You)
Nice performance by Fendi because this is Fendi comfort zone. Surely! Fendi will have a good performance by sing a song like this. Is this enough for idol competition?? Of course No!. Fendi if you want stay longer in this competition, you must lift-up your game Fendi. You can’t perform like this every week because people will get bored, for this week this performance still work, but for next two or three week this performance wouldn’t work. Just go back to your last week performance because last week performance more good than this, last week performance is very full effort and I liked that because you take some challenge in Idol journey.
Fendi, I have an advise for you to make you a little bit different than the other contestants, that advise is try acoustic performance. Whatever!, if you want take a double job like play guitar and singing in the same time or take other people to play the guitar and give a shade of acoustic. Just try acoustic performance because in my mind you will be great, so in the real world I hope so….

Diana – Symphoni Yang Indah (Beautiful Symphony)
This performance is the most enjoyable performance by Diana in entire Indonesian Idol competition. It’s not the best, but enjoyable (I mean easy to listening and taste). Diana also connects with the song and I can feel it so much, also I can smile, enjoy and taste the beauty of the song. Surely! Diana not left her identity that she is a pop-opera singer. That was great performance by Diana.

Dea – Baru Aku Tahu Cinta Itu Apa (I Just Know What Is Love)
Dea welcome back. If last week I said you’re going backward, but now you give a tremendous progression, for me. You really smart pick this song because this song is so hot right now and many people liked this song right now, so basically the people already fall in love with the song and people more fall in love again because this song singing with very great by Dea. The emotion was terrific and I believe everybody can feel your emotion. Well done, Dea!! You’re back to the game.

Gilang – Akulah Dia (I Am He)
Cool performance from Gilang, but this zone is Gilang comfort zone. At least, Gilang is getting better in his comfort zone. I think this appearance is the appearance of being almost no defects from Gilang, the emotion controllable, you focus to the song, and the act stage performance is great, you really comfortable in that stage. If I just see you, yes you’re doing a pretty good job, but if I must compare to the other contestants… I’m not sure this performance will be the strong performance. C’mon Gilang, you have to run faster because you've far behind enough of the other contestants. Right now, I quite believing you that you can stay longer in this competition.

My superstar for top 10 performances is between Diana, Dea, Igo, Ray and Tesa. This is a tough one. Fuh!! And my decision goes to……… I pick this girl because she make a huge progression this week and make me surprise and also stunning with her performance…. She is


Strong performance and deserve through to the next round…..
1. Tesa
2. Dea (Very close with Tesa because she can bounce back to in this week)
3. Ray (How he can change the arrangement to be like that is awesome, shade of matador, that’s great and deserve landed in top three)

4. Igo
5. Diana
6. Citra

Good performance and still alright for compete in another round
7. Keyko
8. Gilang
9. Fendi
10. Rio

Definitely this contestant must leave the competition, desperate with his performance……
11. Windra

Bottom three: Windra, Rio, & Fendi

The bad performance of the night is: Windra, so Windra deserve eliminated from the show.

Overall I liked this week. Many performance I liked!!! one of the best week in Indonesian Idol season 6.

The result is announced. It’s shocking result!!!!!!! Dea must leave the competition whereas she is the one who has a big chance to win this whole competition, Dea journey like Dela in season five or Sisi in season three. Very unfortunate that Dea must leave the competition and we can’t see Dea again in Indonesian Idol season 6 stage. Goodbye Dea!!.....

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