Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Indonesian Idol Top 10 – Metal Vs Dugem

Indonesian Idol this week into the round of top 10. This week the theme is Metal Vs Clubbing (In Indonesia word Dugem). This week will be an interesting week because some contestant will sing clubbing songs. Metal song is not a new theme in singing competition like this, but clubbing songs is very rarely performed in a singing contest like this. American Idol season 8 used to carry a theme like this on a large round 7 when in that week Lil Round and Anoop Desai out from the competition. In American Idol disco week be not like disco week because some contestants change the song to the ballad song.

How about the Indonesian Idol this week?? Because there are 10 contestants left in the competition, then in my opinion five contestants will sing metal song and another five contestants will sing clubbing song. Who will pick metal song?? And who will pick clubbing song?? I made some prediction and analysis on this post. Just check this out……

Citra – This is will be a difficult week for her. She is a jazzy singer, and this week she must sing a metal song or clubbing song. I had a moment of confusion, honestly. Two types of this song is not the type of songs who suit for her. My suggestion for Citra is clubbing song, I think clubbing song more better than metal song for her. I hope Citra does not impose any song to be a jazz.

Diana – This week will be a difficult week too for her. Diana is a pop-opera singer, and this week she must sing a metal or clubbing song. I can’t imagine Diana sing metal or sing clubbing. I prefer clubbing song for her than metal song. If Diana can perform well in this week, she will get praises from all judges because she out of her element. This week will be the risky week for her because she will be a star or will be the worst.

Fendi – My question for him, can he overcome this week with good?? I’m not sure, honestly. He must really smart in choosing songs. I prefer he choose a clubbing song, because he comfort with up-beat song. Just sing a song not enough for him, he must change the arrangement of the song or make an improvement which is can make judges happy with his performance.

Gilang – This week theme is profitable enough for him. He really liked sing an up-beat song, and he can doing that in this week. Although he can sing an up-beat song, he must give something new in his performance, change the arrangement, singing with hit the high notes (maybe, if he can) and another unusual thing. My prediction he will sing a metal (rock) song.

Igo – Igo is getting better every week and make him as a dark horse in this competition. Igo is underdog in the early of the competition, but he’s ready to compete with the front-runners (star) in this competition. I really want Igo pick a clubbing song and I hope it’s true. I think Igo will not face significant difficulties in this week.

Keyko – Keyko better pick a metal song. If she picks a clubbing song, she will be in trouble this week. She really has a problem in sing an up-beat song and her ability can’t conquer clubbing song right now. Also Keyko must bring something different to her performance. Everybody knows that she can sing very well, she can hit the high notes and the emotion to the song is amazing. Now everybody want more from Keyko. I hope she doing well this week.

Ray – I believe he will sing a metal song. He just proves in previous week that Ray can sing a rock song. Last week he sang a song from ST 12 and the arrangement is insane, very great performance. He is an opera singer, but I’m not worry about him. If he take a clubbing song and can perform well, definitely everybody will praises him include the judges, but sing a clubbing song is more risky for him, he can be a superstar or be the worst star in that night.

Rio – I know he can sing very well. I think he can singing well in rock (metal) song or clubbing song. I prefer to clubbing song because we will see a new Rio and will more give surprise to all people in Indonesia. I think with sing a clubbing song with very well, he will get praises again from the judges. C’mon Rio be better this week, be different, unique and show that you’re great singer.

Tesa – Definitely she must turn to a rock chick. She must sing an up-beat rock song. Everybody knows that she can sing a ballad song with great. She also gave a performance very current last week. This week she must sing an up-beat song, to make huge progression this week and make her more shinning in this competition.

Windra – I’m a little bit hopeless with this guy, honestly. Windra progression is the worst than the other contestants. Windra progress so slowly in this competition because nothing improvement in confidence, nothing improvement in star presence, just sing well with no pitchy and the honest emotion that his gave to the song. Definitely he must sing a metal song, if he sing a clubbing song, he will looks so awkward and weird and also very robotic.

Metal group: Gilang, Keyko, Ray, Rio, and Tesa
Clubbing group: Citra, Diana, Fendi, Igo and Rio

Indonesian Idol competition is leaving only 10 contestants, six boys and four girls. Six boys are Fendi, Gilang, Igo, Ray, Rio, & Windra. Four girls are Citra, Diana, Keyko & Tesa. Until now there are four people who left the show and there are three girls (Dea, Mona & Ica) and one boy (Andi). Indonesian Idol announced the shocking result last week because many people predict that Dea has a big chance and very potential for win this whole competition, leaving the show. So who will out this week?? I hope not a girl again. I hope one of this boys out (Fendi, Gilang, or Windra). The important thing is the worst performance deserver to going home or the bad progression also deserve to leave the competition.

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