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20.10 ArD Playlist June Edition

June edition filled by various artist in around the world. There are American artist, Somalia artist, Philippines artist, Korean artist and also 10 artists from Indonesia. Also some song taken from world cup soundtrack like Knaan, Shakira, Akon, 2AM and Super Junior.

Enough talking, this is I give you 20 songs from International artists:
1. Knaan – Wavin Flag
Knaan is Somalia artist and now he already famous in around the world. The song “Wavin Flag” is taken to be the soundtrack World Cup 2010 by Coca Cola. Also this song has been made in several versions throughout the world, of course with the uniqueness of each country. This is the same as with coca cola theme song before that is "open up for happiness". Not just that, this song also dedicated to Haiti and sung by many artists who called Young Various Artist.

2. Shakira feat Freshly Ground – Waka Waka
Do you know the meaning of “Waka Waka”???

3. Akon feat Keri Hilson – Oh! Africa
If Knaan song “Wavin Flag” is taken for Coca Cola theme song, Akon feat Keri Hilson song with “Oh! Africa” is taken for Pepsi theme song. Unfortunately this song is not famous like Knaan song or Shakira feat. Freshly Ground “Waka Waka”.

4. Charice feat Iyaz – Pyramid
5. Iyaz – Solo

If I’m not wrong this is a second single from Iyaz. The first single from Iyaz is Replay like name of his first album. Unfortunately this song not really success in Billboard hot 100

6. Will Young – Leave Right Now
If you follow the career of Will Young, you will know that this song not a new song. This song already released if I’m not wrong 2003, but in American this song seems not to be famous and became a famous song when American Idol took this song to be a soundtrack for video journey of contestants American Idol season 9. This song also make a achievement by make a debut in billboard hot 100.

7. Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed
This is a new single from Miley Cyrus and also this is the second time Miley added to my playlist. In this video, Miley acted like Britney Speas when Britney go to more mature, when Britney release “I’m A Slave For You”. Miley is more wild, more liar and kind of follow Britney attitude when left the teenagers life.

8. Katy Perry – California Gurls
9. Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber – Eenie Meenie

I just released three playlist and as always Justin Bieber place one spot in my playlist per month. Now Justin Bieber duet with his best friend Sean Kingston in the song called “Eenie Meenie”. This song so catchy with the unique word “Eenie Meenie”, that’s word will caught in your head.

10. Carrie Underwood – Undo It
11. Super Junior – Victory Korea

Super Junior is boy band from Korea. This song is dedicated to Korean soccer team who compete in World Cup 2010. What a great song for support a soccer team. Victory Vicotry Korea!!!

12. Kris Allen – The Truth
13. Demi Lovato feat Joe Jonas – Make a Wave
14. Colbie Caillat – I Never Told You

Finally!! Colbie Caillat released her new single. If I’m not wrong this is a second single from her second album. If you never listen to this song, you must!!. This song definitely resembles song “Realize” (a song from her second album) because ballad song with tender moment and sweet moment and also a deep emotional song.

15. 2AM - No.1
2AM is another Korean artist, I mean boy band. This song dedicated also to World Cup 2010. The information that I found said that this song is one and only Asian songs who will fill one spot in World Cup album 2010. “There’s no number two” a piece of words from this song. Great song!!

16. Adele – Hometown Glory
For the second time Adele fill ArD playlist. After Adele sensational first single “Chasing Pavements”, now I give you her other single called “Hometown Glory”. This song still can bring out the uniqueness of Adele. For me, this song is very cool to listen because feels so different. Just So You Know: This song also got the nomination in Grammy Award 2010.

17. Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight
Many people said that Christina became a wannabe of Lady Gaga, but I think that statement is pointless. I can’t feel anything same from Gaga and Christina. Both of them have their own uniqueness. If people said Gaga Vs Christina maybe more right and more proper because both of them is spectacular singer and will be a hot battle in music industry. If I must compare I more like the song from Christian in past called “Ain’t No Other Man”, but this song still good to listen.

18. Crystal Bowersox – Up In The Air
After Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia fill ArD playlist last month, now it’s time for runner-up American Idol season 9 with her single who will take one spot in her first album called “Up In The Air”. In my opinion, this is the best performance of entire performance in season 9.

19. Drake – Over
This song is one and only HipHop/Rap song in this playlist. Honestly, I really fast got bored if I listen to the rap song very often. Like this song, when I heard in the first time I’m a quite like this song, but hopefully I’m not get bored very soon with this song and become a first song I dumped out from the playlist. Listen to this song, when I heard in the first time, I’m quite like it!!.

20. Lee Dewyze – Beautiful Days
This list closed by Lee Dewyze. The winner American Idol season nine will include this song to his first album. Yeah a perfect song for the winner “Beautiful Days” ^^

and here it is.... 10 Indonesian artist:
1. Soul ID – Telfon Aku
I fell in love with this song. The lyric is really stuck in my head and really hard to forget, like “Bicara denganmu tak cukup satu menit, dua menit, tiga menit” and the other words too. Oh! I’m so crazy in love with this song. Definitely you must listen to this song, this song is great!.

2. Soul Vibe - Antartika
I fell in love with this song. This song is really me. I really liked R&B/Hip Hop song and this song is kind a like that. This song very groovy and can make my body move, but a little bit weird in the lyrics.

3. T2 – Ku Punya Pacar
4. Vierra – Jadi Yang Kuingin

Vierra released many great single from their first album, from “Dengarkan Curhatku”, “Bersamamu”, “Perih”, “Rasa Ini” and now “Jadi Yang Kuingin”. Vierra already released five single from their first album, what a great album, right??. Unfortunately the voice from the vocalist is bad, I hope the vocalist can improve her voice to become more good and sounded well.

5. J-Rocks – Madu & Racun
6. Mikha Tambayong – Bekas Pacar

After her first single success in the market, now Mikha released her second single called “Bekas Pacar”. This song is an upbeat song, so different than the first single because the first single is a ballad song. Just So You Know that she is not yet release an album.

7. Ecoutez – Maafkan (Ku Tak Sempurna)
8. D’Masiv – Sudahi Perih Ini

This song is really booming now. Many people really liked to this song. As usual D’masiv song is a ballad song because this thing is special ultimate for them. I belive you will liked this song.

9. Indonesia Unite – Rindu Bersatu
Indonesia Unite is group filled by famous singer in Indonesia like Giring Nidji, Charlie ST12, Ryan D’masiv, Tantri Kotak, Sherina, Gita Gutawa and many more. This song tells about unity in Indonesia. “Rindu Bersatu” in English word mean “Miss United”. Very inspiring song!!

10. Lyla – Detik Terakhir
New single from Lyla band and this song is really good to listen. This song is still a ballad song, but still good to listen for one month ahead. I believe you will liked it!!!

*Sorry if I really late publish this post…… ^^ enjoy!!!

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