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Best Performance By Top 12 American Idol Season 9

 Aaron Kelly – You’ve Got Away
From fourteen performances did by Aaron Kelly alone in American Idol, in my opinion Aaron has four performances that I really remember well and I still remember that Aaron had a bright spot in there performances. The four great performances are “Here Comes Goodbye” (Top 24), “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (Top 11), “You’ve Got Away” (Top 6), and “Fly Me To The Moon” (Top 5). I pick “You’ve Got Away” to be the best performance by Aaron because with this song Aaron can come back to the game (competition) and can through into the big five.

Andrew Garcia – Forever
From eleven performances did by Andrew Garcia alone in American Idol Season 9, I just can remember three performances by Andrew. Three performances are “Straight Up” (Hollywood Weeks Round 1), “You Give Me Something” (Top 20), and “Forever” (Top 10). I pick “Forever” to be the best performance did by Andrew because for the first time in the big stage Andrew got praise from the judges, cool performance, very groovy, so memorable and I really liked it!.

Casey James – Jealous Guy
From seventeen performances did by Casey James alone and one duet with Michael Lynch in American Idol Season 9, only three performances from him that I can remember. Three performances are “Heaven”(Top 24), “Jealous Guy” (Top 9 First) and “Don’t” (Top 6). I pick “Jealous Guy” to be the best performance did by Casey because for the first time I feel the superstar performance from Casey and also for the first I really crazy liked with Casey James performance.

Crystal Bowersox – Up To The Mountain
From twenty performances did by Crystal Bowersox and one duet with Lee Dewyze in season 9 competition, I liked four performance did by Crsytal Bowersox. Four performances are “Me & Bobby McGhee” (Top 11 & Top 2), “People Get Ready” (Top 7), “Black Velvet” (Top 2 Second Performance), “Up To The Mountain” (Top 2 Third Performance). I pick “Up To The Mountain” to be the best performance by Crystal because that was a perfect performance in American Idol Season 9, hot vocal performance, great emotion, everything about that performance is great, also this performance became a close performance in American Idol Season 9, so the peak moment is right in the end of this competition.

Didi Benami – Terrified
From nine performances did by Didi Benami, only three performances that I can remember and she had a shine moment in there. Three performances are “Terrified” (Hollywood Weeks Round 1), “Rhiannon” (Top 16), and “Play With Fire” (Top 12). The best performance did by Didi is “Terrified” because the song is very fit to her voice, she can feel the song, sang with well, combination between guitar and voice also good and the last thing is give her own interpretation to that song.

Katie Stevens – Let It Be
From eleven performances did by Katie Stevens, I have many favorite performance from this girl, I still remember five performances from Katie Stevens till now. Five performances are “Breakaway” (Top 16), “Wild Horses” (Top 12), “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (Top 11), “Chain a Fool” (Top 10), and “Let It Be” (Top 9 First). I pick “Let It Be” to be the best performances by Katie because everything is right, the song choice is great, vocal performance very well, emotion good, and also not old performance.

Lacey Brown – The Story
From seven performances did by Lacey Brown, I just can remember two performances from her. Two performances are “Kiss Me” (Top 20), and “The Story” (Top 16). I pick “The Story” because she can did well enough, she can show her quirky voice, and also can show her range vocal, but very honest she not show a spectacular performance in live show competition.

Lee Dewyze – Treat Her Like A Lady
From twenty performances did by Lee Dewyze alone and one duet performances by Crystal Bowersox, I can remember many performances from him, more than five performances, eight performances exactly. There are “Fireflies” (Top 16), “Treat Her Like A Lady” (Top 10), “Hey! Jude” (Top 9 First), “The Boxer” (Top 7), “You’re Still The One” (Top 6), “That’s Life” (Top 5), “Hallelujah” (Top 3 Second Performance), and “Everybody Hurts” (Top 2 Second Performance). I pick “Treat Her Like A Lady” because from this performance the superstar aura came out from Lee Dewyze, after this performance his performance is more consistent and getting better week after week.

Michael Lynch – This Woman’s Work
From seventeen performances did by Big Mike alone and one duet with Casey James in American Idol Season 9, only four performances from him that I liked. Four performances are top 20 performance, “This Woman’s Work” (Top 16), “It Only Hurts When I’m” (Top 6) and “The Way You Look Tonight” (Top 5). I pick “This Woman’s Work” to be the best performance did by Michael because if this performance show in top five or top four definitely can bring him to the finale, this performance is so great, so wonderful and very spectacular, the vocal performance is so terrific and the emotion so amazing deep, hard to forget this performance, one strongest performance in this season nine.

Paige Miles – All Right Now
From eight performance did by Paige, Paige just did one spectacular performance when she’s out and sang for the last time in Idol stage, at that time Paige sang “All Right Now”, that the best performance by her because she really show her vocal ability like what, great!. Although like that, I like three performance by her “All Right Now” (Top 24), “Walk Away” (Top 20), and “Honky Tonk Women” (Top 12).

Siobhan Magnus – Think
From thirteen performances did by Siobhan in entire competition Season 9, Siobhan show two spectacular performances and overall I liked five performances from Siobhan. Five performances are “Think” (Top 20), “Paint It Black” (Top 12), “Superstition” (Top 11), “Suspicious Mind” (Top 9 Again) and “Any Man Of Mine” (Top 6). The best absolutely “Think” because this is the first time she show the scream, she can blend to the song, she can get the groovy, make me wanna move, sang really well, everything is good and memorable!.

Tim Urban – Can’t Help Falling In Love
From twelve performances did by Tim Urban in American Idol competition history, I can remember three performances which is he show to us how he is good. Three performances are “Hallelujah” (Top 16), “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Top 9 Second Time), and Better Days (Top 7). The best performance by him definitely “Can’t Help Falling In Love” because he can give a great arrangement, sang really well and I love how he connect to the song, also definitely can deliver the message in that song.

This is a little recap about performances that I liked and I still remember until now :
1. Lee Dewyze – 8 – Treat her like a lady
2. Katie Stevens – 5 – Let it be
3. Siobhan Magnus – 5 - Think
4. Aaron Kelly – 4 – You’ve got away
5. Crystal Bowersox – 4 – Up to the mountain
6. Michael Lynch – 4 – This woman’s work
7. Andrew Garcia – 3 - forever
8. Didi Benami – 3 - Terrified
9. Casey James – 3 – Jealous Guy
10. Tim Urban – 3 – Can’t help falling in love
11. Paige Miles – 3 – All right now
12. Lacey Brown – 2 – The story

That’s my opinion about best performance by top 12 contestants American Idol. Everything based in my taste. So how about you??

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