Friday, June 18, 2010

Indonesian Idol Top 8 Review, Broken Heart!! & Keyko Leave The Show

Igo – Kesalahan Yang Sama (The Same Mistake)
Igo, I think and I believe that you are ready to make a record and if Igo make a record he must make a record like this. You’re voice very sounded great, Igo and I believe he will be a great artist if he’s singing like this consistently week after week. I think in the last part, Igo just show how to make a dynamic in this song and show a great emotion to the song. Two thumbs up!!...

Citra – Merindukanmu (Miss You)
Wow! Citra, you’re comeback to your best performance. That was so great, so creative, sounded so great, everything so awesome and really blew me away with you voice, with your persona and your charisma. That’s very refreshing!!!! And make a song from D’masiv feel new and feel so different. That was one of the best performances from you, Citra and one of the best and strongest performances in this whole season.

Windra – Jalan Terbaik (The Best Way)
Windra performance is not better than last two contestants who already performed, in my opinion. Windra is starting really rough, but in the first reff Windra show his great voice. As always very little pitchy moment in Windra performance and Windra can more take a risk by doing some improvisation in his performance. Overall Windra performance is not spectacular performance, but still good and show progression.

Gilang – Dosakah Aku (Did I Sin)
Does Gilang show a progression in that performance?? Yes, you did. Overall I’m not really enjoying with Gilang performance because a little bit flat for me and I think you can more do than that like hit the high notes and any other improvisation. I think Gilang just play safe, but still good performance.

Ray – Terlanjur Cinta (Already Love)
In recent weeks, you really disappointing and this performance is huge better. This performance is not the best performance from Ray because I believe that you can more perform than this like more deep in the emotion and more in your voice. I don’t want to lose my favorite again and also lost the last pop-opera contestant in this competition. So Ray performance next week must be better than this, must give a great progression and hopefully can show the best performance in next week. I’m still your fans and keep believing in you, Ray. Jiayou!

Tesa – Pujaan Hati
Tesa, in recent weeks you really blew me away because I’m so stunning with your great progression, Tesa. That performance is not show a big voice from you, but still show that you have a great technique. I still can enjoy with Tesa performance although Tesa give a weird emotion with the song, I don’t know the song feels about what… the sad?? Or happy?? But overall for me that still good, but not the best performance from Tesa.

Keyko – Tinggalkan Saja (Just Leave)
Keyko when I watched you in first live show, I feel you have a terrible performance and never expect that you can be like this. Now look at you, Keyko. You can sing with good, how you connect with the song is so awesome, more beautiful and your aura more shinning week after week. That performance is still good for me, although not spectacular. Keyko strong element is how connect with the song because any song that you brought, you always can connect to the song with awesome, it is your strength, Keyko.

Rio – Tersimpan (Stored)
Rio, at some moment I feel good, but many moment I feel you did a terrible job. There is too many pitchy moment and you didn’t get the klimaks moment. I think you will be in trouble tonight because other contestant performed well and I think just you performed not really well. So be careful, Rio.

My superstar for tonight absolutely

My rank for top 8 performances:
Strongest performance of the night
1. Citra
2. Igo

Good performance, but still have issues
3. Windra
4. Gilang
5. Ray
6. Keyko
7. Tesa

Worst performance
8. Rio

So I think Rio will be in trouble tonight and Rio has a big chance to out and leave from the competition. My bottom three : Rio, Tesa and Keyko. Keyko and Tesa save, but for Rio sorry to say you must going home tonight.

The result has announced by Daniel and bottom three are Rio, Tesa and Keyko. Wow! my prediction was right for bottom three in top 8 performances. Although like that, my prediction about who will going out is wrong. The result that is Keyko must leave the competition, again one girl must leave the competition.

Keyko, you have a great talent, just keep doing this, you are born to sing. My advise for Keyko just explore herself again to find the uniqueness in the way Keyko singing. Keep up the good work like how Keyko connect with the song with very awesome, the unique husky voice and emotion to the song too. Jiayou Keyko!!!

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