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Indonesian Idol TOP 9 Review

This week Indonesian Idol stage filled by Love, so every contestant will sing a love song. When Daniel introduce the judges for this week, Daniel also announce that three judges Indonesian Idol success in award event called Anugrah Music Indonesia (AMI) (Indonesia Music Grace). Anang Hermansyah win two awards, Erwin Gutawa win two awards too and Agnes Monica more great by taking home three awards. That was a great achievement which is inscribed by the judges Indonesian Idol.

Windra – Kuingin Selamanya (I Want Forever)
Definitely I disagree with all judges. Windra can’t handle this song with great. He just sang well with lack of emotion. This song has a deep emotion and Windra just give a little emotion to this song, look his eyes?? Empty emotion in there, the body language so rigid and can’t describe the emotion of the song. Just okay performance, very safe and I think Windra performance will killed by performance from other contestants.

Gilang – Cemburu Menguras Hati (Jealous Heart Drain)
Wow!! Nice performance from Gilang. Honestly, I impress with Gilang performance. This is the best performance by Gilang and I’m not must ignore anything or one thing from Gilang performance like when Gilang sing “Nakal” from Gigi. Good job Gilang!! I hope you safe for another week and can be better in the next week.

Citra – C.I.N.T.A (L.O.V.E)
Definitely I liked your performance, Citra. Citra performance is so sweet and cute. I know this is not the best performance from Citra and a little bit safe performance from Citra, but that performance is so refreshing, very enjoyable and I believe many people will liked with that performance. Citra performance is better than last week and I enjoy it. Great job!

Keyko – Saat Kau Tak Ada (When You’re Not There)
Again! Better than last week. Keyko performance is better than last week. The emotion, the way she sang, everything was great. Great, great and great!!!...

Ray – Hidupmu Hidupku (Your Life My Life)
Ray performance was good, but I thought he can more than that. He can more with his voice that is hit the more high notes, more with the emotion that is more deep and touching. Overall this is wasn’t Ray best performance, but that was good and I know Ray can more than this. Hopefully this performance is good enough for tonight.

Igo – Mantan Terindah (Beautiful Former)
Igo got the tragic emotion and also got the peak moment, good. I just didn’t like in the early part when Igo starting to sang, Igo like a weak man with lack of power because it’s too soft, but after that Igo is getting better. I got weird moment too with front part and last part because Igo give a huge different emotion between front part and last part, Igo change from weak man to powerful man, that’s a little bit weird emotion for me, but overall that was good.

Tesa – Gejolak Cinta (Fluctuation of Love)
Overall Tesa performance was good, but I don’t think that spectacular performance and best of the night, just good. Tesa sang with well, very sounded good to my ears, she also got the groove and for the first time I see Tesa walk around the big stage. Good!.

Diana – Rasa Ini (This Sense Of)
Diana performance was better than last week when Diana perform with Cinta Laura song. The song that Diana sang is not really fit for her condition. Diana really must prove to all audience in Indonesia that she is great, but with that song the greatness voice of Diana didn’t really come out, the song is not the song can make people feel goosebumps or can show the bigger voice of Diana. The song is sweet, but Diana can bring the sweetness come to her performance. She sang really well if compare to last week, but not great performance to pay last week terrible performance and not strong enough performance for top 9.

Rio – Wanita Terindah (Beautiful Woman)
Rio, I’m happy to see your progress in this competition. The last few weeks, Rio did a good progression in this competition. Rio performance in this week is the most favorite performance so far in this competition, for me. Rio sang so cool, Rio act stage performance was so cool, everything was so cool in that performance. Great job Rio!! Keep up the great work!!

My superstar for top 9 is Keyko. This is a second time that I give a superstar throne of the week to Keyko. Congratulation Keyko!! You’re getting better week after week.


My rank for top 9 performances:
Strong performance

Mediocre performance

Weak performance

I think two pop-opera in this competition not show a great performance in this week because of that I put both of them in the bottom two. So my bottom three is Windra, Diana and Ray. Sorry to say Diana must going home because I more want to see Ray in this competition than her and Windra will safe because not the worst performance and not the weak performance too.

The result declared that one girl again must left the show and she is Diana. I really disappointed with Diana performances in last couple week. Last week the worst performance by Diana and I can understand that the song is really tough for her, but in this week I mean top 9 with theme of love, she must be great and can nail the song and also prove to all people in Indonesia that she is great and deserve stay in the competition, but she didn’t because of that she eliminated from the contest.

Diana whatever happens, I still the fans of you. I know that last two weeks you can’t give the best performance, but nothing gonna change anything because I’m still you fans, Diana. I hope you can success in the Indonesia music industry and give a new color to Indonesia music industry that is pop-opera. Keep learning in technique singing and never give up, I know you can be the great singer/artist. Always being success, Diana. God Bless You.

Until now I’ve lost two favorite in this contest that is Dea and Diana, now just left two my favorite in this show that is Ray and Citra. I hope Citra and Ray can success reach top five. My dream team in top five: Ray, Citra, Keyko, Igo & Tesa.

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