Thursday, August 19, 2010

14. Katie Stevens - Big Girls Don't Cry

20.10 ArD August International Playlist

14. Katie Stevens - Big Girls Don't Cry

This is the second time that Katie Stevens in to my playlist. First time when Katie Stevens sang "Let It Be". THe studo version more great than live performance, whereas the live performance also good performance from Katie, but once again I said the studio version more lot better because there's not pitch problem haha ^^

I still wondering why Katie out from American Idol Season 9 very fast?? c'mon in top 9 and place in 8th??? I think she deserve better than that. Katie really deserve in top 5 or top 6. Very poor Katie because she can show the younger side very lot in the competition, it happen because the theme every week not give space to Katie can pick a younger song and perform very young and commercial.

I hope Katie Stevens career in the future will bright because I don't wanna see her career is dead end after American Idol Season 9 is over. Katie voice is really suitable to make a record, heard this song in studio version did by Katie and listen carefully to her voice, for me... Katie voice is great and very tasty to be heard!!

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