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20.10 ArD Playlist : 2. Sherina - Pergilah Kau

Indonesian Songs Playlist

2. Sherina - Pergilah Kau

Wohooo almost reveal the number for July playlist and after we know the number one in July playlist, let's move on to new month August.

In Indonesian Songs Playlist, Sherina sit in number two. Sherina is someone who started his career from a very young age. Starting from as a singer and a movie player on his childhood. the movie who played by Sherina on his childhood is really famous and very historical.Where Indonesian movie in vacuum condition, Sherina's film released and get a positive responses from many people in Indonesia. Sherina's movie title is "Petualangan Sherina", this film is drama musical. The movie and the soundtrack really sweet-selling in the market.

Sherina had disappeared from the world of singing and back again after he was more mature. Precisely in the year 2007 with the age of 16 years if I'm not mistaken. In that year she release her first album. Unfortunately, the first album when she grow-up "Primadona" not really succeed. I just like one song from her first album when grow-up "Ku Disini", the another one single called "Sendiri" honestly I'm not crazy about that very much just quite liked it.

The second album from Sherina called "Gemini" more success than "Primadona". Sherina release first single from "Gemini" called "Cinta Pertama dan Terakhirku" and just BOOM! in the market, everybody like that song include me. I'm really crazy about that song, the song is good, the lyric is great, everything is great with this song. Sherina really make a successful career again with his second album.

The second single "Geregetan" also accepted in the market and this song was taken to be the theme song for the well-known communications companies in Indonesia.

Now Sherina releasing her third single from "Gemini" called "Pergilah Kau" and WOW!! again she make a tremendous song. I really like it and this song make me crazy in love so much. Want to listen one of a great song from Indonesia right now??

I give you the video and also the lyric of the song.... just enjoy ^^

Tak mau lagi aku percaya
Pada semua kasih sayangmu
Tak mau lagi aku tersentuh
Pada semua pengakuanmu

*)Kamu takkan mengerti rasa sakit ini
Kebohongan dari mulut manismu

Pergilah kau
Pergi dari hidupku
Bawalah semua rasa bersalahmu
Pergilah kau
Pergi dari hidupku
Bawalah rahasiamu yang tak ingin kutahui

Tak mau lagi aku terjerat
Pada semua janji-janjimu
Tak mau lagi aku terkait
Pada semua permainanmu

Back to *, Reff

Bertahun-tahun bersama
Kubanggakan kamu
Berikan s’galanya
Aku tak mau lagi
Ku tak mau lagi

Back to Reff

Pergilah kau
Tak ingin kutahui
Pergilah kau
Ku tahui

Thansks To : & 4 the lyric...

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