Sunday, August 8, 2010

Congratulation! Igo Is The Indonesian Idol 2010

Indonesian Idol 2010 finale was held in 7 August 2010 and one person become the next Indonesian Idol. Again! The winner is male. Male is really dominating a competition like this, from six seasons the male winner is four (Season 2 – Mike, Season 3 – Ihsan, Season 5 – Aris and Season 6 – Igo) and the female winner just two (Season 1 – Joy, and Season 4 – Rini). I agree with one of judges said, “in Indonesia, people who voting for their idol majority is female teenager, because of that the male winner more lot than female” That the words that Erwin Gutawa said.

Congratulation Igo!!

Igo is the winner Indonesian Idol 2010 and make him as six person in Indonesia win this competition and also become a fourth male to win this thing.

Igo journey in Indonesian Idol not easy and Igo not start the show like a star. Igo become an underdog in the beginning of the show, but week by week he shows tremendous improvement. In top 24 (the competition before spectacular show), Igo really underestimate not just by me, but also the judges. In some round, many judges predict that Igo will out from the competition, but the people of Indonesia like him and still keep Igo in the competition.

Go to spectacular show, Igo show some improvement. When he sang “Terbakar Cemburu” and “Cinta Dua Hati”, Igo prove that he deserve in Indonesian Idol, but the performance who make Igo really like a star when he sang “Saat Terakhir” in top four. “Saat Terakhir” become the bright moment and turning moment to be a tight contender for Citra.

Igo also peak in the right time. Igo not only has a bright moment in the top four, but in the last battle (I mean Grand Final). Igo choose all songs very wisely and he really got the peak moment in Grand Final. That is another reason why Igo can win Indonesian Idol 2010. So… for me, the best performance by Igo in whole Idol competition is “Saat Terakhir”.

Citra is a runner-up, but still my favorite

Honestly, I’m a little bit sad because my favorite not win this competition. Citra became a runner-up in Indonesian Idol 2010. Although like that, Citra is still my favorite and if she release the album with no doubt I will buy her album, just hoping that Citra album have up-beat songs too ^^. Right now If someone give a question to me, “Who album would you buy? Igo or Citra?” I will answer definitely CITRA!!.

I’m a little bit disappointed with the song choices of Citra in Grand Final. I think Citra can perform more good than that if she picked song that could make Citra more looks great and more looks like a superstar, like the song that she sang with Tompi in top three “Menghujam Jantungku”. Citra must pick a song similar like that, if it happen She can wic the competition, but the truth already revealed and Citra just arrive in second place. It’s okay, I still believe that Citra career more bright than Igo hahaha ^^

The title of coronation song in Indonesian Idol season six is “Kemenangan Cinta”. Who version do you more like?? For me I love both of them. Citra can make people more think and feel the song so deeply, but Igo sang with full of energy so can make people more enthusiasm, make people feel so energetic, and lift up the spirit of audience. Both of them definitely can give inspirations with that song to the audience who heard that song. If I must choose the version that I liked, so I pick Citra version because more deep and make my heart really felt the emotion of the song and also give inspirations and definitely get many goosebumps and can make me cry/sad.

Overall I liked the season 6 of Indonesian Idol. One of my favorite seasons after season 1, so the second best season of entire Indonesian Idol competition.

So congratulation for Igo for winning this competition and become the Idol in Indonesia for 2010. For Citra, I would said Congratulation too because your journey in Indonesial Idol is so tremendous. Citra already out from the competition and get the second chance in the wildcard round, she got the ticket to spectacular show and from wildcard round, first spectacular show and until grand final she give a terrific improvement and show many tremendous performance. Citra you will be so memorable in this season six and people will hard to forget you. Be proud of that Citra!!! ^^

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