Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indonesia Playlist : 10. Soulful - Ketika Kau Menyapa

20.10 ArD August Playlist

Indonesian Songs

10. Soulful - Ketika Kau Menyapa

This song is not a new song. This song is already famous when Marcel singing this song in the past years. Marcel is male singer from Indonesia who famous when duet with Shanty in “Hanya Memuji”. After that duet, Marcel take a solo and release if I’m not wrong three album until now, but the first album is the best selling record by Marcel.

Now is enough talking about Marcel and move on to Soulful. The information that I got said that Soulful is a band who made by one national television in Indonesia more known as Trans Corp. If I’m not wrong the bassist of this band is the important person in Trans Corp, although he join in this band, but he didn’t play together in live show because the issue said that he a little bit shy with something like that.

This is the first single from Soulful with “Ketika Kau Menyapa”. I hope you like it!! Because in my opinion the song is good and tasty to heard!!..... and the arrangement for me is better than Marcel version.

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