Sunday, August 15, 2010

20.10 ArD August Indonesian Playlisy : 9. Vidi Aldiano - Datang dan Pergi

20.10 ArD August Indonesian Playlist

9. Vidi Aldiano - Datang dan Pergi

Vidi Aldiano is famous male Indonesian singer. He already release his second album. Vidi also has a great voice and some of his single I really liked it. The first single "Nuansa Bening" is the single who make him more famous in Indonesian. After that single Vidi release a great single again like "Status Palsu", "Cemburu Menguras Hati" and the new one is "Datang dan Pergi".

Vidi is one of my favorite artist in Indonesia, not only because he can release a tasty single/songs or make a sold well in his record, but also because he has an amazing voice. I think Vidi become the one of leading male singer in Indonesia.

I like the video too, very colorful video!!... and the song is talking about love. The love who goes and come back again in the future. So enjoy the video and see ya in the next song!!!!

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