Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's Begin 20.10 ArD Playlist August Edition....... Here It Is Number 20

After we finished countdown the July playlist, now it's time for us to countdown the playlist for August. If in July B.o.B Feat Hayley Williams become the song of the month in International Playlist and Bondan Prakoso Feat. Fade To Black dominating the Indonesian Playlist, who song will be crown as the song of the month??

This month playlist of course will be fill by 10 Indonesian Songs and 20 International Songs, but in the end of the countdown I will give you an interesting chart. The interesting chart that I mean is I will mix the chart between the Indonesian Songs and International Songs. So just check out my blog until I finish the countdown of 20.10 ArD Playlist for August.

So.... before I reveal the number 20 in International Songs, I will give you the sneak peak about who artists in to 20.10 ArD August Playlist. You will see this artists:

- After Shanty and Tompi sit in number one ArD playlist in month of April, now both of them fill August playlist. Not duet, but both of them put their song in this month. What rank that Shanty will achieve?? will be the number one again?? and how about Tompi?? Can he take number one place by alone and not duet with Shantu?? just checkit later.....

- After Bruno Mars name appear two times in my playlist. In this month his name will appear again, not duet anymore, but with his first debut single.

- Just so you know that number one in International Playlist goes to Asian Group Star. More spesific this group star from South Korea. Can you guess it??? ^^ who are they??? just wait until my countdown is over and reach the number one, okay?? hehehehe ;p

That's a little sneak peak about 20.10 Ard August Playlist.... Now it's time for me to reveal the number 20 for International Songs Playlist.....

Please Welcome....... The rock band from Germany...... Tokio Hotel with Darkside of The Sun

20. Tokio Hotel - Darkside Of The Sun

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