Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's more know "Astrid"

I already talked about the latest single from Astrid called "Tentang Rasa". If you miss that post just check this

Now I will talk about Astrid more. This artist has a very good voice, her voice like Adele, Duffy or Amy Winehouse because the voice is very unique. Astrid should be the memorable artist in Indonesia and hard to forget because the uniqueness and the quirkyness of her voice.


Astrid spent her school in Surabaya. Since the school in Surabaya, Astrid won many awards in the world singing. One is the Best Vocal Band Festival-Senior High School in Surabaya. Astrid had joined a band, but eventually disbanded. Astrid later appeared regularly at Colors Café in Surabaya. Until the management of Colors offers Astrid voice demos to Sony Music.

Sony Music who are interested in the unique character of her vocals took Astrid to fill the filling of a movie soundtrack album "Tusuk Jalangkung" through a song called "Ratu Cahaya" in 2003. Astrid also be invited to join in a compilation album titled "A Portrait of Yovie" to bring singles Yovie work titled "Not 100%". He also fills the movie soundtrack entitled "Vina Bilang Cinta" re-cycle through the song "Di Dadaku Ada Kamu" and "Cinta".

Astrid - Ratu Cahaya (Official Video)

Astrid end of the year 2005 released a self-titled debut album with a very different color, dark-pop. Single seed this album, "Cinta Itu", was once the impression of 'dark' sound with minimal noise. The song "Cinta Itu" became the theme-song film "Mirrors" with three other songs, namely "Ku Mau Kamu Selamanya", "Cahaya Cinta" and "Perpisahan". In this album, Astrid is also a duet with Andi /rif in the song titled "Ku Mau Kamu Selamanya".

Astrid - Cinta Itu (Accoustic Live Performance)

In 2006, the band collaborated with Astrid Saint Loco in the song "Kedamaian" is present in the album Vision For Transition. In February 2007, Astrid released from the debut album repackage Astrid featuring hit-single "Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua". Songs that became the champion in this competition CILAPOP (Cipta Lagu Pop) 2006 is the fruit of M. songs Novi Umar. Coquettish rhythmic songs and a bit childish is arranged by the cold hands and Hatim Bongky. In the same year, Astrid trusted to bring the song back to re-cycle of the re-make of Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007 film). He popularized the song Christophe entitled "Merpati Putih".

Astrid - Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua (Official Video)

So??? What do you think about this artist?? she great, right?? She similar like Adele, Duffy and Amy Winehouse, right?? Hope that she career in the future more more n more bright than now.

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