Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Indonesian Playlist: 8. Astrid -Tentang Rasa

20.10 ArD August Indonesian Playlist

8. Astrid - Tentang Rasa

Astrid is a female singer from Indonesia country. The name of Asrid more known in public after hit single "Jadikan Aku Yang Kedua", whereas Astrid first single released in Indonesia music industry is "Ratu Cahaya". If the people of Indonesia ever watched the movie called "Tusuk Jalangkung", I think that people will know the single from Astrid called "Ratu Cahaya" because this single became an official soundtrack for that movie.

Now Astrid is back with the latest song from her upcoming album. The song I really like, I think the song really tasty to be heard. This song is very touchy song. The video not bad too, at least there a story behind the video.

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