Monday, May 31, 2010

SCTV MUSIC AWARD 2010 & The Winners

One of the Indonesian music events has been held and it was SCTV Music Award. SCTV music award held on 27 May 2010. This event has been held eight times including this year. SCTV music award is the award who the winner voted by the people in Indonesia (audience). The musician who nominated in this award event is the musician who can sell album more than 100.000,- and can sell RBT (Ring Back Tune) more than 1 million for solo artist and 2 million for duo/grup/band.

This award event had twelve categories, so there are twelve winner in this award event. The twelve categories and the winners are:
1. Favorite Pop Solo Male Album - Afgan
2. Favorite Pop Solo Female Album - Rossa
3. Favorite Pop Duo/Group/Band Album – Wali
4. Favorite Solo New Comer Album – Ridho Rhoma
5. Favorite Duo/Group/Band New Comer Album – The Virgin
6. The Most Top Song – Baik Baik Sayang, Wali
7. Favorite Vocalist in Band – Pasha from Ungu
8. Favorite Keyboardist – Kevin from Vierra
9. Favorite Guitarist – Mitha from The Virgin
10. Favorite Bassist – Dennis from Lyla
11. Favorite Drummer – Posan from Kotak
12. RBT Best Seller – Wali

FYI (For Your Information) : In my knowledge and if I’m not wrong, Wali band sell RBT more than 16 million and this number is the highest selling RBT in history of music Indonesia. I think this number hard to beaten by other artist in the next few years.

The performance that I really remember is performance by Goliath. Goliath singing “Masih Disini Masih Denganmu”, I liked this performance because the vocalist not lip-sync and they perform in new arrangement, I’m quite liked that performance. Second favorite performance is from Armada with “Mau Dibawa Kemana” because Armada gave a new arrangement to the song too and thanks God! Armada not lip-sync. I’m proud to Salju Band too because they can said is new artist in Indonesia music industry, but they can sang with no lip-sync, proud of you!!.

SCTV music award this year doesn’t have a special moment, for me. I so sleepy watched this show, sorry. The reason I said this event award doesn’t has special moment because every performance very ordinary like we see in musical events in general. The thing make this award event more worse is many artist perform with lip-sync, C’mon this award event and many singer sang with lip-sync?? Hell no!!. At least if the artist is lip-sync, please! give the great act stage performance. If we see a singer/artist sang with lip-sync and didn’t give a great act stage performance, what's the difference by listening to songs from a cassette or CD. That’s an awful thing, honestly, and also embarrassing moment, in my opinion.

Congratulation for all winners, definitely for Wali because such a spectacular achievement like most-award winning in SCTV music award 2010 with three awards and the highest selling RBT in history of music Indonesia with more than 16 million sales.

I hope SCTV music award 2011 better than this year…. ^^

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