Sunday, July 18, 2010

20.10 ArD Playlist July Edition... Let's Begin The Countdown!!

Now it's time for me to share about my playlist in month of July.

Of course always and forever my playlist have twenty songs International hit and ten songs Indonesia hit.

In this time, I will change the way that I telling you. I will tell you by split into 7 or 10 post or maybe more or least. Everyday I will give you one post about the countdown of my playlist and the countdown will over until I share to you the both number one of my playlist (International Song and Indonesia Song).

Now let's begin the countdown.....

Although the World Cup 2010 is over, but the song of World Cup 2010 isn't over. The song of World Cup 2010 is still alive and will be immortal because music is never die so the song is never die too. The soundtrack of World Cup 2010 will be remember until the end of time. Also I believe the moment of World Cup 2010 will be remember until this world is no more hahaha..... the game can finish or done or over, but the moment and the song always will be remember as a history.

Now two another songs from World Cup 2010 can made it into my playlist for July edition. This is two another songs from World Cup 2010 :

International Songs

20. 2PM - What's Your Celebration (Korean Version of Wavin Flag)


2PM is South Korean artist. "What's Your Celebration" is "Wavin Flag" song in Korean version. Knaan song "Wavin Flag" is soundtrack for World Cup 2010, but very officially this song belong to Coca Cola. Coca Cola take this song to be his soundtrack for World Cup 2010, like Pepsi who take a song from Akon feat. Keri Hilson - Oh! Africa.

Like the previous song from Coca Cola "Open Up for Happiness". "Wavin Flag" song re-arrangement by many artist in around the world. In USA, this song re-arrangement for tribute to Haiti by many artist who called themself as Various Young Artists include Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and many more. In South Korea, a pride falls to the hand of 2PM.

I don't get the video of 2PM - "What's Your Celebration". Although like that I still give to you the song by video from youtube. Here it is... enjoy!

Want to know 2PM more??? just check out this blog... I will share to you the information about 2PM and 2 AM.... soon!!

Indonesian Songs

10. Knaan feat Ipang - Semangat Berkibar (Indonesian Version of Wavin Flag)


From Indonesian,I've got Ipang. Ipang is the lucky artist from Indonesia who have a pride to sing "Wavin Flag" song with Indonesia version. In Indonesia version, Ipang duet with Knaan. Of course Ipang sing his part in Indonesian language with the title is "Semangat Berkibar".

Before this song, Ipang also selected by Coca Cola to sing the another song from Coca Cola called "Buka Semangat Baru". "Buka Semangat Baru" is the Indonesian version of "Open Up For Happiness". Ipang sing this song with another three famous Indonesian artist like Ello, Beery St. Locco and new artist Lala.

Here it is the song from Knaan feat Ipang with "Semangat Berkibar"

Basically the meaning of the title is very different, from "Wavin Flag" to "What's Your Celebration" to "Semangat Berkibar", but the meaning of whole song is same. Also the spirit from that song is really same....

Okay that's it for today.... see you again tomorrow with another new song or maybe old song from my July playlist. Definitely, very tasty to taste by you ears haha... ^^

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