Saturday, July 31, 2010

3. Agnes Monica - Karena Ku Sanggup

Indonesian Songs Playlist

3. Agnes Monica - Karena Ku Sanggup

After we see Drake in number three in my playlist for July. Now let take our ride to number three in Indonesian Songs Playlist. We already have a superstar young diva Agnes Monica. Agnes comeback with new song after the last song has been released is "Janji Janji".

Agnes comeback with smooth song. She really show that she has a bigger voice and quality of dive. Everybody in Indonesia already knew that Agnes is a superstar young diva and now it's time for everybody around the world who she this blog and video realize that she is must be going to international world career.

How about the video??? just see this video.... but FYI I love the songs, the video from Agnes always good and the lyric not bad.... overall I'm lovin it!! because of that this song can place in number three in my playlist for July. This indicate I hear this song very lot and I'm not getting boring with this song right now. Stop talking, just enjoy the video

The lyric talked about broken heart, like unrequited love. She already love him with full of heart, but he not give a love with full heart to her. So the woman more happy if him gone although the woman can't be strong if the man leave her. Ughh so sad story right???

In bellow, I give you the lyric in Indonesia language... just enjoy

biar aku sentuhmu berikanku rasa itu
pelukmu yang dulu pernah buatku
ku tak bisa paksamu tuk tinggal di sisiku
walau kau yang selalu sakiti aku dengan perbuatanmu
namun sudah kau pergilah jangan kau sesali

karena ku sanggup walau ku tak mau
berdiri sendiri tanpamu
aku mau kau tak usah ragu tinggalkan aku
kalau memang harus begitu

tak yakin ku kan mampu hapus rasa sakitku
ku selalu perjuangkan cinta kita namun apa salahku
hingga ku tak layak dapatkan kesungguhanmu

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