Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blast Off New Artist : Zivilia With Aishiteru

Hi guys!! I'm back againnn.... fiuh!! I can update this blog again and now not one in a week haha....

Okay let's talk about what I want to share to you right now....

I want to share the video from Indonesian Artist. You should heard this song because it so good. The name of the band from Indonesia is Zivilia and the title of the song is Aishiteru. The title of the song using Japanese language and if I'm not wrong the meaning is I love You.

Zivilia is a new band from Indonesia, came from city called Kendari province Southeast Sulawesi. The genre taken by Zivilia is dominant pop and still like the usual thing in Indonesia this song still a ballad song. The video just alright, but the song is really good to heard.

This song probably can hit the number one in ArD Playlist July with category 10 Indonesian Songs.

so just enjoy the video and the song....

Leave your opinion by comment in this post, okay?? let me know that you liked this one or no?? ^^

Thank you and bya bye

C U in next post

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