Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top Three Indonesian Idol Review

Before I write about Top Three Indonesian Idol Review, I just want say goodbye to Rio, Windra, Tesa and Ray because I didn't write a post about them. Sorry guys!! ^^

So let's talk about the Top Three Indonesian Idol Review, start with IGO...

Igo - Cemburu
Igo really prove that he not only master in sing a ballad song, with this song Igo prove that he can sing an upbeat song with freakin' awesome. Igo open the show with really great and put the standard for top three night with enough high. I get the pleasure with Igo performance.
I will give : 8 out of ten

Gilang - Menegejar Mimpi
Gilang sang with good, yeahh not many pitchy moment in his performance, but that's not enough especially for top three. This song really have a big spirit and can lift up the spirit and passion of the audience who heard this song, Gilang can't do that. At sometime Gilang eyes is empty like he don't feel the song and definitely can't deliver the message of the song to the audience. I agree with Armand Maulana that Gilang sang like thinking something and not relax, Gilang stage act performance is a little bit clumsy and robotic. After he go to the front of the stage, he just go to the left and right stage again again and again until the end of the song, that is weird!!...
I will give : 6 out of ten

Citra - Pergilah Kau
Totally agree with Anang, Citra won the first round. Although what Agnes said is true too that Citra performance is to tense, because Citra push the emotion right from the beginning. If Citra performance give extra time like 30 second more, the part of the end will be anti-klimaks, but because the length of time just like that I think Citra did a great job because Citra make her performance very dramatic, which is I liked it so much. In my mind, I'm a little bit worry because can Citra more shining than the magician in her act stage performance?? Fiuh! I'm glad that Citra can more shining and can take control of the audience attention.
I will give : 9 out of ten

Igo & Afgan - Sadis
If Igo can't sing this song with great, I think that was not Igo because If Igo got a song like this his performance will be very very great!!!. Afgan really has a strong character in singing. In my mind, can Igo character shine in this performance?? Yeah Igo character still shine in this performance. Igo and Afgan really control the emotion and really work together with very well, because not only one of them who shine, but both of them are shining.
I will give : 8 out of ten

Gilang & Sandhy Sandoro - Malam Biru
Gilang performance is really well, better than first performance and past performance when he sang this song in workshop round. What I miss from this performance is the moment is not long when Gilang and Sandhy sang together, it feels just Gilang and Sandhy more much sang by alone than together. In my opinion this performance make my emotion stop by very accidently and make me feel so weird because in my mind pop-up some word like this "just like that?? that performance is finish?? WTF!!". ;p
I will give : 7 out of ten

Citra & Tompi - Menghujam Jantungku
Insane....... Insaneeeeee.... Insanee!! this performance was insane!! Citra, are you a superstar now?? because Citra performance and Tompi like superstar. Absolutely Tompi is one of superstar in Indonesa and Citra is still new in industry music, but Citra performance is like a superstar. Insane!!. This performance is the best performance so far in this competition especially for Citra and also for a whole competition in season 6 Indonesian Idol (2010). Hhhhmmm I think this is the best performance for whole history Indonesian Idol, from season 1 to season 6 Citra and Tompi performance is the best ever performance.
I will give : 9,9 out of ten

Video - Indonesian Idol 2010 : Menghujam Jantungku

This top three episode a little bit fascinating but also weird because in the beginning of the show there is too much drama. The drama is took one hour from the show, crazy and weird right???

The result.... I think everybody can guess it!!. That Gilang out from the competition because if Igo out, Citra more easy to win the competition. If Citra out, Indonesian Idol wouldn't have a superstar winner because in this condition just Citra who really ready to be a superstar. Citra has everything to be a superstar and two another contestant is not ready yet.

So goodbye Gilang.... Gilang must proud to himself because he can through until the top three. Since the beginning of the show Gilang really many got a hard criticism and many judges and I believe many people too that predict Gilang out from the competition. I think Gilang officially must out in top five because Tesa more deserve through to next round, but everything already happened so just accept everything that happened. Congratulation for Gilang who made it until top three, that was best achievement for you, Gilang. Gilang through to the grand final?? It's a nightmare you know haha ^^v (peace yo!!)

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