Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zigaz - Teman Atau Ratu

After we talk Eminem, let's take our ride to Indonesian Songs playlist. The Indonesian Songs playlist almost arrive in big five for this month, but before we reveal the number five of course we must reveal the number six, first!.

Indonesian Songs Playlist

6. Zigaz - Teman Atau Ratu (Friend or Queen)

Zigaz csn still be said that they are a new comer in this music industry. This song is a third single from their first album. Zigaz known by their first song called "Sahabat Jadi Cinta". Zigaz first song is really hit in Indonesia, many people recognized that song and really really often played in radio, in the street and also put as a ring back tone.

Zigaz third single more better than second single. I more like the third single because more tasty and kind of music like this is more fit for Zigaz than a ballad song, that just my opinion. Although like that, I still like of what Zigaz did in music. Three single that Zigaz out to the public, basically I liked it!!...

I give to you the video from Zigaz... just enjoy ^^

This post closed by Zivilia with Aishiteru. Zivilia sit in number five for this month playlist, good achievement for Zivilia because they is a new artist too in Indonesia music industry and this is the first single. Great job Zivilia!!

That's it for today... see you again in next post... bye bye....

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