Friday, July 23, 2010

A Romantic Song "Please be Careful With My Heart" In Indonesia Language

After I share number 17 until number 15 International Songs from my playlist for July. Now the journey go to Indonesian songs.

I give a special post for this song because in this post, I just share one song from Indonesian Songs playlist and this song is occupying the number eight for this month.

Who are they?? this song sang by two artist, one man and one woman. The man is from Philippines and the woman is from Indonesia. If you really freak about song, I guess you know it....

Yes! you're right if your answer is Christian Bautista and Bunga Citra Lestari A.K.A BCL. Both singer sing together in the song called "Tetaplah Dihatiku". This song is repackaged from old song who sung by Jose Mari Chan. Christian Bautistan and BCL are not only artists who sang this song, Regine Velasquez & Piolo Pascual are the another artists who sang this song too.

So the number 8 for this month in Indonesian Songs playlist is :

Indonesian Songs

8. Christian Bautista Feat. Bunga Citra Lestari - Tetaplah Dihatiku

Before Christian Bautista duet with BCL, Bautista already sang this song with Sarah Geronimo. I just know that Bautista and Geronimo sang this song with English language, if they sing this song with Philippines too just tell me okay.

Bautista and BCL are singing this song "Please Be Careful With My Heart" with Indonesian language, so make this song a little bit different than the original, but still good to heard. Taste of this song is really damned good!! very very romantic song.

This song is not a new song and was released several months ago, although like that this song still good to heard especially for people who really love a love song.

Enough talking about this song.... Now just enjoy the song and also the video who taken from

Okay that's it for today, see you again in next post still talk about my playlist for July, I guarantee absolutely very tasty. Let's taste the music with my taste ^^

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