Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Time For 30 Seconds To Mars, Boys Like Girls and Ran

International Songs

Wow! I must be honest about this song. This song is one of the best song that ever record by 30 Seconds To Mars. I liked this song Closer To The Edge very much. The video is also interesting, like all fans from 30 Seconds To Mars come together in one concert of 30 Seconds to Mars.

After Boys Like Girls sang together with Taylor Swift in romantic song called "Two Is Better Than One". Now Boys Like Girls back with their third single, taken from their second album "Love Drunk".

Want enjoy the video from Boys Like Girls - Heart Heart Heartbreak just click the link in above.

Indonesian Songs

7. Ran - Bosan
Ran is one of my favorite artists in Indonesia. I love Ran because the music is cool and very tasty for my ears. The shade of R&B is really thick and the bit of the music is really cool and sounded so great too. "Bosan" is not the newest single, but still good to heard and absolutely Ran with "Bosan" take one spot in Indonesian Songs playlist for this month.

Ran is short for Rayi, Asta, and Nino. They built their group name with the first letter of their name. Until now Ran already release their second album and this song "Bosan" taken from their second album. Ran first album is really success in Indonesia and many people like their songs. Ran first known with their first single called "Pandangan Pertama", that song is really cool and really good to heard until this time.

So want to know Ran better?? just check out this video...... Ran with "Bosan"

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