Thursday, October 27, 2011

THE VOICE : 5 Worse Performance

In the post this time, I will discuss about the 5 worst performer in season 1 of The Voice of course my own version, maybe in the other word 5 least favorite performance.  Here is the fifth least favorite performance during season 1 The Voice.

 5. Frenchie Davis - Like a Prayer
(Top 8 Performance)

 Frenchie came in fifth because she was not very good at showing this song. It is true there are some moments that can be remembered from this appearance, but more of an unpleasantmoment. It is unfortunate that the coach is Christina Aguilera chose this song to Frenchie. From the initial first saw Frenchie at the blind audition she always sings upbeat songs. It should at this stage of top 8, Frenchie did a ballad in which she'd never done before in Season 1 of The Voice. When Frenchie singing the ballad it will be one unforgettable appearance because Frenchie is remarkable vocal range and her power so amazing. But... very unfortunate again an upbeat song performance and just make this performance just okay....

4. Javier Colon Vs Angela Wolf - Stand By Me
(Battle Round)

This battle is like David Vs Goliath, but David can not win this battle. David is Angela and Goliath is Javier. Javier is really in a favored position and battle against Angela is like turned the palm of the hand, it so easy to Javier win this battle and also easy to predict that Javier will win this battle. The battle can not be good because Angela can not perform with really well and also Javier not in the best performance of him, although Javier not in the best performance, he still win because Angela performance more worse than Javier. Not really good battle because of that I put this performance in number four of worse performance in the voice.

3. Nakia - Whattaya Want For Me
(Top 16 Performance)

When I see Nakia sing this song with piano, my mind said that this performance can be great and awesome, but after Nakia left the piano and just sing, everything became worse. After that I can not enjoy every second his performance, very mediocre and his performance like a karaoke performance. The performance very same with the original, nothing difference and nothing special. Just like the beginning, but the moment very short and I can't remember the good thing because it cover by the many bad things happen in this performance. I didn't like it...

2. Nakia - Sex is on Fire
(Top 8 Performance)

Nakia again in number two because I think Cee-Lo make this guy lost in the creativity of Cee-Lo. Cee-Lo is too damned creative person, that was great, but the person who coached by him is like a rabbit experiment of him and the result not bring something wow moment in fact the opposite. I can't enjoy Nakia performance  again. Very unfortunate because Nakia has a great talent and potential to be a great artist, but Cee-Lo can not bring and pull out the talent that Nakia have inside. After the show, I confuse that Nakia will be in what genre, is it rock? is it pop? soul? R&B? or???.... I don't have a clue..... but I think he don't suit in the genre of Rock.

1. Lily Elise - Big Girls Don't Cry
(Top 16 Performance)

Lily Elise is one of my favorite contestant in The Voice because she has a big range vocal and when she performed "Since You Been Gone" she can hit the high note with very good. But... in this song, Lily Elise give too many improvisation because of that make this performance looks so bad and heard so bad too. This is a simple song and don't have too much improvisation when sing this song, sing this song with right pitch and feel the message of the song and deliver it to the audience, I believe her performance will be great. The sing is too much because too many improvisation and also the act stage is too exaggerate, there is a mime and I don't know for what that mime because not make the performance looks more good, but looks more awkward and make everything more awful. Because of that, Lily performance with this song is the worse performance in The Voice Season 1.

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