Friday, October 14, 2011

THE VOICE : 8 Hot Battle in Battle Round (Part 2)

THE VOICE : 8 Hot Battle in Battle Round (Part 2)

4 to 1

4. Patrick Thomas Vs Tyler Robinson 

 This is the one - the only battle of the team that Blake was listed as the top eight. Blake chose a very appropriate song for thecontestants at all is because they brought him very well and makethis fight was so tight and hot. In the end, my boy Patrick win thisbattle. Yes ... although tight and hot, the character of Patrick'smore prominent voice in this rendition.

 3. Thompsons Sisters Vs Kelsey Rey

 If you want to see when they rehearsal click this link


 The Cutest battle in the voice!. The Thompson and Kelsey Rey performed the song "Unwritten" very impressive, they are very well carry the song. They bring their personality to the stage anyway, so it feels so sweet and beautiful appearance. If you see this fight as not a fight, because to each other mutual support to make their appearance became one of the best. Great performance!

 2. Frenchie Davis Vs Tarralyn Ramsey 

 The hottest fight in The Voice as a fight between one another so pronounced. Fierce battle it !!!... Both performers show what they can do on stage in other words they spend it all to be the best. Unfortunately, Tarralyn make this fight very seriously, so it looks she did not enjoy this fight and so serious that causes Frenchie win the game, because Frenchie appear so loose and so enjoy being on the stage.

 1. Vicci Martinez Vs Niki Dawson


 The best performances of course falls into two youngest performers at The Voice of Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson. Both contestants are making this fight as a duet for one another mutual support and make this appearance to be the best. Absolutely not seem that this is a competition. Very difficult to choose who is best between the two contestants. Although in the end Cee-Lo chose Vicci. But ... I still the fans of Niki Dawson! Both of Them are rocks!

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