Tuesday, October 11, 2011

THE VOICE : Bout’ The Voice

THE VOICE : Bout’ The Voice

Do you know THE VOICE? The voice is the show like American Idol, search the talent who can sing and who have a damn great voice. Yesterday (Sunday), the final episode of The Voice already played in the Asia Pacific region and the AXN who played the final episode of The Voice. AXN is the official TV partner who played The Voice. However in the USA the winner already revealed since June 2011 or July 2011, so from Asia Pacific region the show a little bit late, but still okay because finally we can watch the cool show like this hehe…

I like the show because it’s different. The concept is fresh from the talent search like this. The audition use the blind audition, so the judges can not see the physical of the singer, the judges just can heard the voice of them. If the judges like, they will press the button and their couch will turn around and that indicate they want the artist and hope the artist pick them as a couch in this competition.

The judges are Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine. Incredible four judges and every judge will pick 8 contestants to be bring into the next round. The next round after blind audition is battle round. From 8 contestants, team of every judges will cut their team a half, so from battle round only 4 contestant will move on to the next round.

Four contestants from every judge will compete to get the heart from the audience in USA. From four contestants only two contestants will be move on to the semi final, one contestant pick by the audience of American and one another pick by their coach.

When two contestants from every coach already revealed, only one of them will be move on to the final. The rule for the semi final round is combine from voting by audience of America and the number that given by their couch. When the four finalist chosen from every coach, of course only one of them will be win the competition and the winner decided by voting from all audience in America.

What a cool show and the season two audition already open… so next year we will see The Voice Season two and only at AXN….

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