Friday, October 28, 2011

THE VOICE : Top 12 Favorite Contestants

Total contestants in the voice is 32. Eight from team Blake, eight from team Christina, eight from team Cee-Lo and also eight from team Adam. At the end, team Adam win because Javier win this competition. But if I can pick top 12 contestants, so here it is my top 12 contestants from season 1 The Voice.

12. Kelsey Rey

She is definitely beautiful, but not only beautiful because this girl can sing with good. The performance of "American Boy" still stuck in my mind till now. The battle with Thompsons Sister also a good performance. She has a voice who can sell the song with very good. She is so commercial, young, very pretty, in my opinion she really suit to go to entertainment business make an album and sold it.

11. Niki Dawson

What a superb performance when she battle with Vicci. "Perfect" performance still hard to forget till now and also when she sang "Teenage Dream" with very great in blind audition (I also still remember this performance because her performance is cool and very groovy). This young girl has a big potential to be great, unfortunate leave so fast in the voice season 1.

10. Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe stop the journey in The Voice because Adam pick Devon Barley than her in battle round, but in my opinion based on talent Rebecca have a more great potential than Devon. I'm not said that Devon is bad, Devon also good, but I more see a great potential in Rebecca than Devon. Rebecca is a solid singer, she know who she is in music business, she already built and formed in this business. If there is more chance for her to show what she got, I believe this girl can be great.

9. Frenchie Davis

A powerful singer with a big range vocal. She has an unbelievable voice, love her voice, love her look (because so different) and even she has a big body, but this girl can move and can shake her body. I love her performance when sang "Single Ladies" and 'When Love Takes Over", Frenchie really show her range vocal and big power when she sang, but unfortunately I can not see her when perform ballad song because there is no chance for her to sing a ballad song. I really want to see her sing a ballad song, I believe I will got chilled and goosebumps.

8. Jeff Jenkins

He is like Frenchie because he has a big range vocal and big power when he sang. In my opinion, he will against Javier in top 8, but what a surprise decision took by Adam because he must stop his journey in top 16. I still believe if there is more performance in the voice, this guy will kill every performance because the voice was superb.

7. Beverly McClellan

The most unique contestant in the voice and the most outshine personality in the voice season 1. She has a great personality and it really shown when she performed. Also has a great vocal ability, still hard to forget her performance in top 8 and also with Christina Aguilera when perform "Beautiful", both of that were unbelievable performance.

6. Vicci Martinez

She is really young and can made it to top four, that was great. I really love when watch her sing because she really committed when she sang. She really pull out her emotion from heart to shine in her performance. When she perform "Perfect" and "Jolene" the emotion it really felt and I love the singer who can deliver the message and put their emotion to the song. Vicci is still young and she can do it, that was great!. Love her...

5. Jared Blake

"I'm Not Ready To Make Nice" performance is still hard to forget until now, I love that performance so much. He has the rocker voice and hoarseness who make him stood out in this competition. "Use Somebody" performance is also cool performance because his voice is so tasty when he sang, so if he pick a right song, he can nail it. Love his rocker voice so much....

4. Xenia

This girl has a million dollar voice. The voice so quirky, different and definitely we can recognize Xenia voice when she sang. "Price Tag", 'Breakeven" and "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" feels like a different song when she sang it. What a good voice.... love the voice so much too!!!! can wait until her release an album... Awesome voice!!!...

3. Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas also has a great voice. The character of his voice is so strong and really country. So when he sang a country song, I never heard a bad performance from him because the voice is very suit with country song. Blake team is insane, Blake top four contestant all have a great voice. Jared, Xenia, Patrick and Dia have insane voice. Everybody have their uniqueness and very memorable voice. Patrick what can I say more.... great voice, great power, very strong character of voice and just go make a country album and sold it, brotha!!

2. Javier Colon

Javier has a voice like an angel. Javier voice is so tender and so smooth. Oh! when heard Javier sing a song, it likes a relaxing time. Love his voice so much.... great voice and very unbelievable voice. He born to sing and he had a gift from GOD a beautiful voice. If he not sing, he just waste a big talent that he have. Can wait to heard Javier album and more another song and performance.

1. Dia Frampton

But.... my top favorite contestant is Dia Frampton. She is like underdog when she came up in blind audition although like that I directly like her and support her because I can see the potential from her voice. Her voice is unique too and different, it so easy too to recognize her voice. After battle round performance, she is more better and more to be a great artist. She has a potential but cover by her nervous. "Heartless" performance is unforgettable performance from her and also "Inventing Shadows" performance is great too, and the performance "Losing My Religion" show that her know what she must to do in music business. She not the artist who don't know what she do, she know what she do, she know what she want and she know what she must to do further. Love her so much!! can't wait for her album too.....

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