Thursday, October 13, 2011

THE VOICE : 8 Hot Battle in Battle Round (Part 1)

THE VOICE : 8 Hot Battle in Battle Round (Part 1)

8 to 5

8. Curtis Grimes Vs Emily Valentine

This is a neck to neck battle. Everyone can win this battle and also this battle is not felt like a competition because every person support each other and make this duet is one of the solid duets. The more excited moment is in the end of the performance because there is kissing moment at the end of the performance. It really show there is something happen in their relationship. Nice battle to close the battle round! hehe....

7. Devon Barley Vs Rebecca Loebe

I like the song that choose by Adam. In my opinion, Rebecca will win this battle because the song "creep" more good in Rebecca voice, but surprisingly Devon can catch up in this battle and Devon push himself to more into this song. In my opinion, Devon sang with his heart and that's why Adam more pick him than Rebecca because Rebecca performance not bad in this performance, but it's too technical in this performance.

6. Nakia Vs Tje Austin

This battle sing a song called "Closer". "Closer" is a R&B song who really fit with Tje voice, but surprisingly Nakia can beat Tje in this performance. Nakia really bring his spirit into the stage and the high spirit of Nakia really felt in the whole of performance. Although Tje give a tasty melody by his voice, it's not enough for Cee-Lo to pick him and I agree in this decision with Cee-Lo because Nakia really bring his best game in this performance.

5. Beverly McClellan Vs Justin Grennan

When I knew Beverly will fight Justin in battle round, my mind said that Beverly will win this battle with so easily. But the truth, Justin give the tight fight to Beverly and I really surprise by Justin performance. Justin performance is beyond my expectation, he don't know the song, but he didn't give up and he give the best that he can give also he really connect with the audience better than Beverly. However Beverly win this battle, but this battle nice to enjoy because both Beverly and Justin give this duet to be one duet to be remember. Nice battle!..

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