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THE VOICE : Recap – Blind Audition Till’ Battle Round & Meet With The Contestants Too

The winner already revealed and he is Javier Colon from Team Adam. But now we will going back to the first part of this competition and that is when blind audition time. I love the audition, the audition not boring because this is a new concept of the audition and that is a blind audition. The audition not give a chance to every judges see the physic of the contestant, they only judge by contestants voice. It is very interesting to see every judge decide their decision to pick the contestant or no. From the blind audition every judge/coach will have 8 people in their team. The first team already full of eight is Cee-Lo, after that Christina then Blake and the last is Adam. Adam is really selective when pick their team because when the second chance audition begin Adam still minus two, Blake and Christina only minus one and Cee-Lo already finish with their team.

Blake team : Patrick Thomas, Xenia, Dia Frampton, Jared Blake, Tyler Robinson, Serabee, Elenowen and Sara Oromchi.

Christina team : Tarralyn Ramsey, Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, Cherie Oakley, Julia Eason, Justin Grennan, Raquel Castro, & Lily Elise.

Cee-Lo team : Vicci Martinez, Kelsey Rey, Tje Austin, Nakia, Emily Valentine, Curtis Grimes, Tori & Taylor (Thompsons Sisters), & Niki Dawson.

Adam team : Javier Colon, Casey Weston, Jeff Jenkins, Rebecca Loebe, Casey Desmond, Devon Barley, Tim Mahoney, & Angela Wolf.

After every coach picked their team, the next round is battle round. This round was very cool. If I see Team Adam, Adam pick the fight that is not balanced, my conclusion is Adam really know who want send to the next round and who will be eliminate by him in battle round. I said that because my analyzed said that, like Javier Colon battle with Angela Wolf?? It’s like sky and earth, OMG!!... with my eyes close and not heard that battle, I know that Javier Colon will win. Another example Jeff Jenkins Vs Casey Desmond, with really easy I know Jeff Jenkins will win. The tight battle happen when Devon Barley Vs Rebecca Loebe and Casey Weston Vs Tim Mahoney, that two battle is really interesting because very tight and everybody give their best shot, cool battle. However from Adam Team, 4 persons goes to the next round are Casey Weston, Javier Colon, Devon Barley, & Jeff Jenkins.

Cee-Lo is the coach who really fair in the battle. He pair with same quality so for me in the battle round, Cee-Lo team in battle round is so hot competition because every single pair is really tight, Vicci battle with Niki, Nakia battle with Tje, Thompsons Sister battle with Kelsey Rey, and Emily Valentine battle with Curtis Grimes. It’s not a simple thing to predict who will win the battle because every battle is really tight and everybody have a chance to win the battle and four battles in team Cee-Lo are hot!!!.... However in the end Vicci, Nakia, Thompsons Sister and Curtis Grimes who made it to the next round.

Christina and Blake are also have hot battles, but for me Blake team more interesting than Christina because in my opinion Blake have people who more talented than Christina team. In battle round, Blake put Patrick Thomas to battle with Tyler Robinson, Dia Frampton to battle with Serabee, Jared Blake with Elenowen and the last Xenia battle with Sara Oromchi. Patrick, Dia, Jared and Xenia win the battle and through to next round. More point plus for team Blake because I 100% agree by Blake decision. So when battle round is over, I’m with Blake team, I’m the supporter of Blake team because I’m a huge fans for four people move to the next round.

However, although Blake have people more talented than Christina Team, but in my opinion team Christina more hot and fierce in battle round. Christian team completely girls team because there is only one guy in Christina team. The hot battle in Christina happen when Frenchie Vs Tarralyn, wow! The heat of the fierce competition is really feel, very hot battle, but in the end Frenchie win!. The only one guy in Christina team is Justin Grennan and he met Beverly in battle round, this is the second hot battle in Christina team, both of them put their best shot in their performance, I really want Justin Grennan win because I really surprised by his performance, but Beverly also great, so…. Christina go with Beverly and I’m still alright because both of them still great in my mind. Another two battle also nice to watch, they are Raquel met Julia Eason and Lily met Cherie Oakley. Raquel and Lily accompany Frenchie and Beverly to move to another round.

Cee-Lo win the battle round because in my opinion every battle in team Cee-Lo were hot and very tight!. Then Christina in second, Blake in third and Adam team in the last position because Adam team is very easy to predict who will win.
After battle round :

We said goodbye to……

Cee-Lo Team

Niki Dawson
One of my top favorite contestant!!! She very talented!! and still supporting her in the real world!!

Emily Valentine

Kelsey Rey
She is the most beautiful person in The Voice 2011, Very Hot, Pretty and Gorgeous. Love her voice too

Tje Austin

Christina Team

Tarralyn Ramsey

Cherie Oakley
Wow she is so sexy and her body is so awesome in this picture ;p

Julia Eason

Justin Grennan

Blake Team

Sara Oromchi
She has the cutest face in this competition



Tyler Robinson

Adam Team

Rebecca Loebe
She has the interesting (unique) voice in this competition

Casey Desmond
I love with her hair, red, fire ans spicy hahaha... love her hair

Angela Wolf
She has the sweetest smile in this competition and her personality light up the entire room
Take an acting sweetheart, I think you more belonging there ^^

Tim Mahoney
I like the color of his voice, unique, very tender and smooth, really tasty to my ears... Like his voice so much and one of the interesting voice in this competition

And…. We said congratulation to….

Cee-Lo Team
Vicci Martinez

Tori & Taylor Thompsons
They got the whole package, they have a damn good voice, face, and style


Curtis Grimes

Christina Team

Frenchie Davis
Like the haircut. She has a hi-fashion looks and also the face is also photogenic

Beverly McClellan

Raquel Castro
One of the hottest chick in this competition

Lily Elise
Why she is look so fat in this picture??!!

Blake Team (My Team!!)

Dia Frampton
My number one favorite in this competition

Patrick Thomas
The handsome country guy who has a big voice

She has the most interesting voice in this competition, very unique and so quirky

Jared Blake
The one and only rocker guy in this competition

Adam Team

Javier Colon
Based on the voice, he is my number one favorite

Jeff Jenkins
Big guy big voice

Devon Barley

Casey Weston
She has the sweetest voice in this competition

After every coach have four people in their team, quarter-finals round begin, but I will talk about quarter-finals round in the next post…. See ya…..

*Picture taken from many sources

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